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Fall From Love by Heather London
Publication date: June 7th 2013
Genre: New Adult Contemporary


Struggling to put her life back together after a tragic mountaineering accident kills her college sweetheart, twenty-one-year-old Holly Treadwell is trying to set aside her grief, forge ahead in school, and find herself again.

When Carter Hansen, a guy who brings back horrible memories from the night of the accident, finds his way back into her life, Holly’s unsure if she should let him in. He terrifies her in more ways than one and invokes feelings in her that she thought were buried forever. Regardless of her fears, she knows she must face him in order for her heart to heal.

Everyone tells Carter that what happened on the mountain that night was just a terrible accident, but even then, he can’t help but carry around the guilt and is unable to forgive himself. He’s drawn to Holly and being near her helps ease his conscience and gives him the release he needs.

As Holly and Carter’s relationship grows, they begin to realize that the more time they spend with one another, the more their wounds begin to heal—her grief and his guilt. But when Holly learns the details about the night of the accident—what everyone has been keeping from her—it will rip open old wounds and tear apart what they’ve both worked so hard to overcome…


My Thoughts

-Don't waste your life being scared; you never know when you'll get another chance.-

I think that quote above just about summed the whole book up.

Holly is your average college girl who has a good heart, good life, and a good relationship with her boyfriend until the unthinkable happens and she's left alone to pick up the pieces and try to mend them and make them become a whole together.

Things aren't good nor fabulous... And she gets to her lowest point even ignoring and treating her best friend as nothing more than a stranger.

Until one day, she realizes that life has gone on, is still going on, with or without her approval everything needs to continue and she has to make the decision to either let life pass her by or get out of the dark place she's in and start living said life once again.

It isn't easy nor a happy road but with the help of friends and an even more special friend she starts to heal, she starts to become maybe not the girl she was before but an even better and stronger one.

Cue Carter and his amazingly well good looks, fighter personality and sad soul.
Carter's been through a lot and he and Holly might have more and common than what they thought...

Okay, I'll stop with the whole summarize the story thing because it's not really working for me... 

The one thing I've got to say about the whole book?? It touched and moved my heart in ways that's been moved and touched before but with a bit of a fresher take.

I instantly liked Holly, because while she might have been a nightmare to live with after what happened THAT night... And after being a complete mean derriere with her best friend... She has the ovaries to accept what she's been... That she hasn't been herself and that she needs to get better, if not for her then for her friends... She accepts it AND starts and tries to change it.

I love it that she had her stage of feeling sorry for herself but then started the mending stage. She wasn't the girl needing the saving but on the contrary she found herself strong enough to want to get to know and save those who needed saving and in this case Carter was the lucky one.

But, after all the mending after all the healing after all the tears... Lies are as powerful a weapon as love or they're a close second... And in the blink of an eye or rather in the peak of a mountain... Things can happen and fast... AND for the worse.

Involved with someone that might be starting already own her heart but that might also be lying to her... A lie that could easily break her heart all over again...

Lets just say Holly is treading tricky waters and she might have to make some tough choices in order to get her life back on track...

Will that life include Carter, her best friend and music? Or will it end up with her being in the same dark place she started and fought fiercely to get out of?

-So how the hell am I supposed to be friends with a girl that I'm crazy about, but I'm not sure if I should be with?-

Fall From Love, proves to me once again that love is the greatest weapon of all, that grieving should be just a stage and that life goes on and it's in our hands to decide to go ahead and live it or just let it pass us by without us enjoying, laughing, crying, living! LIVING it...

A story about love, loss and the beauty that is life whether it is throwing us bricks, rocks, stones, flowers, rain, or snow... That teaches us to always move forward, go on, but also to never forget those who pushed us and helped us along the way and that might not be here with us anymore.

Also, I need a Jenna in my life...

I actually like the book cover, while it isn't exactly IN the book it has some resemblance to the setting as for the book tittle? I went almost 95% of the book before I finally got to the tittle of the book being IN the book... And you'll find out it's quite awesome how the tittle is mentioned in the book ;) Trust me.

I give this book,

4= OhMyCloud!


Heather London is a young adult and new adult author who loves to write stories full of romance, fantasy, and science fiction. She is a lover of only the finest of coffee and premium craft beer, but will settle for anything chocolate, regardless of its quality. Heather lives with her husband in Dallas, TX where she is currently working hard on her next project.


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  1. Aww this sounds like such a sweet and emotional read I love Holly already! And the romance sounds actually very realistic and one that gets you completely compelled! So glad you liked it, Alba!!


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