Stacking The Shelves #23 I Don't Think I Bought THAT many. Right?

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I've been saving.
To buy some books via book depo since the bookstores here apparently don't love me as much as I thought they did.

But then I remembered, wait a minute... I haven't visited a bookstore in like 2 or 3 months... So maybe there's this slim chance that they have something new. Though I seriously didn't get my hopes THAT high.

I visited one of the 2 that exist here, and that bookstore is kind of famous for bringing new tittles from time to time but I also know them as the ones with the WORST PRICING CHOICE EVER... If a book's supposed to be (as said on the back of said book) lets say, $8.99 I'm all for them raising it a bit higher... let's say... $11.00 or something... But nope, these guys think I'm an idiot or something... I won't go ahead and buy a book that I've seen has a price of $17.00 TOPS and they go ahead and ask for $30.00
NO way in hell... But then I saw ONE book that I've been pinning for since like forever and even though I know KNOW I bought it for more money than what's actually worth I thought... I have the cash now... I might not get another chance to get it... So I went ahead and got it but that's as far as my kindness was going to go.

I got out of there as soon as I could.

But on Father's Day (June 17th here) I wanted to get my dad a book he had been asking me to get him so I went to my FAVORITE store out of the 2, the one I had sworn myself I'd never ever go again because of how they had treated me once upon a time, and BOOM.

NEW additions to their shelves EVERYWHERE!!! I almost cried of sheer frustration for not being able to get them ALL at once... I had like a hundred bucks or so and I remembered, well, if I'm saving it's got to be for something and I've GOT to spend it someday for the thing I had been saving for in the first place right?

So... I started the hard but happy process of picking which books to buy and which to leave behind so I could go again and buy later...

Here's how it went AND
OF COURSE my BookAngel Nat sent me some AWESOME additions to my shelves as well. I looooove you!!!!!

Here's what will be stacking my shelves this week


WON this one!!! Thanks to MSC!!! ;D

Thanks for this Nat <3

Thanks to my bookAngel Nat for Silver as well!!! :'( So freaking happy I cried. -hugs Nat-
Sorry, I kind of forgot to take a picture of this one with my camera and had to do it with my phone :)

What new books are stalking YOUR shelves this week?


  1. Uuuhhh all the pretties!!! *-*
    I want the Chicagoland series arrrrgh! And that series by RV. I haven't read anything by her.

    P.S: I totally know what you mean with those crazy prices, my bookstore is the same. Super pricey and there is another one even worse! Who they think they are -.-

    Enjoy!! :)

    1. I know *_* CUTE!!!!!

      The Chicagoland vamp series is kind of addictive in a really weird way though, for me at least, I keep going because I feel there's always something missing in the books and I'm waiting for it to happen... It's weird.
      >_< I'm excited!! I read the first book and I was hooked!! It was more than I was expecting!! I didn't know how to react to her adult books since I've only read her YA ones.

      PS reply: Argh!!! I hate it!!! *_*


  2. Oooh, lots of goodies! I'm impatiently waiting for my copy of With All My Soul! I really liked Before I Fall and I really really want to read Blessed! :D

    Here's Mine @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

    1. Yes!! I'm so excited!!! You won't be disappointed! Trust me :D

      I loved it, just finished reading it the other day. I'm still reeling from everything that happens in that book!

      Thanks for stopping by :D

  3. I got some Nightworld books too this week!:) Happy Reading!
    Here are my newest additions.

  4. OMG! I guess I'm not so lucky like you, to live miles away from that library.. AND to spent the same amount of money going there than buying it here at the expensive one. Sucks!! :(
    I'm dying to get the Uglies series!! :) Love all of your books really awesome!


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