-BookPics Is Curious- Bookshelves Anyone?


Wait!! Wait!!

I'm supposed to be all civilized and stuff but seriously¿?
WHO can be civilized and calm and you know, serious when talking about pretty amazing bookshelves.

I might be biased because they're mine but I mean, I've gotta love them right?

Remember when I went a bit away from the blog because of some RL stuff like a month ago?

Well, one of those reasons was that my shelves were being made and when they delivered them the people making it had to come at least 4 more times to make some retouches and stuff so I had to be looking out for my baby, I mean, my precious bookshelf.

After years and years of never having my own bookshelf.

I'm incredibly happy to introduce IT to you >_<

I feel so amazing and happy and since they're situated exactly after my house's foyer... EVERY SINGLE PERSON that comes inside sees them :D Though that might be, sometimes, counterproductive because people will be tempted to TOUCH and GRAB them and such and -_- let's just say I rather buy you a book than let you borrow one of mine, I'm paranoid like that. Sue me *_*

I would have loved for it to be inside my room but since I'm lethally allergic to dust and such and since I once had a temporary shelf inside my room before and had multiple cases of allergy because of it, we decided to leave it outside.

It's custom made and dark and pretty and shiny and has all my pretties in there :D

The order in which I arrange my books is weird for everyone but me. Putting my favorites in some shelves, then the books in a series in which I only own one in others... Really... Just don't try to understand the order in which I put my books on them. It's easier that way.


Let's get down to it.

(I couldn't watermark my images due to my enthusiasm so please please don't steal!!)
(click for larger image)

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So, I'm curious,
What do you think?
Do you like my pretties?

Want to share yours? Don't be shy ;)