-BookPics is Curious- What Book Did You Just Finish?

Oh my gOd!!

I've been kind of on some sort of reading roll...

I've been all over the place yet in only one place.

I've cried so hard because of books this past week but also smiled and screamed and teared up and melted and you know, your typical Alba while in the action or process of reading.

And the books I've just recently finished reading have gotten me all worked up because of them that now that I'm off to start some new ones... The bar is kind of on a really really high scale.

The masterpieces, the pure awesome art, the incredible delectable words and worlds I've read written by the talented and blessed authors... They have come and scrambled with my mind and my heart and seriously? Being honest, they've also messed with my rating and reviewing view...

How can I continue rating wish such a simple rating system? When presented with THOSE books?! THOSE stories? I have no right and yet... That's what I've got. The ONLY thing that I've got for me...

I've yet to discover a book blog that rate the books they reading going by how much the book made them cry or IF the book made them cry.

So I'll continue with my simple yet meaningful, to me, rating system and continue writing my reviews not so much as reviews but like a story of a story. You know, the one where I describe to people how I felt throughout my entire reading experience.


These are the books that I've recently finished reading (chronologically ordered, WAMS being the book I JUST finished reading.)

*Slammed by Colleen Hoover -Slammed #1-
(And you have NO idea what it does to me the fact that a lot of people just got the chance to meet her at Book Bash T_T you're incredibly lucky!!)
*Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi -Shatter Me #1.5-
(I KNEW Tahereh was a talented and gifted persona back when I read Shatter Me and being one that isn't that fond of novellas it surely closed my mouth and opened my mind, this novella of hers. It's beautifully written as is always expected from author Tahereh Mafi but not only that, she made me want to switch boy teams, which I might add, almost NEVER happens. The only person that has ever made me switch teams in the freaking middle of reading a book is author Rachel Vincent!)

*Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill -Chicagoland Vampires #4-
(I've gotten addicted to this series thanks to Rachel @ Fiktshun but more than that... Even when I'm hating the book I cannot seem to stop myself... Author Chloe Neill sure knows how to push my buttons on the mad/love/hate relationship with me, myself & I.)

*Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover -Slammed #2-
(Seriously, what's NOT to love and like about this sequel? I fell even harder in love with Will and I'm seriously ruined for all men that aren't fictional or that simply aren't Will.
The best part? I regret NOTHING.)

*Drink Deep by Chloe Neill -Chicagoland Vampires #5-
(Thanks for the addiction Rachel, really. If I look all sullen and sleep-deprived is because I AM.)

*A Touch Menacing by Leah Clifford -A Touch Mortal #3-
(Reading a series ending book has never been easy. Reading a series ending book by Leah Clifford competes right there with one of the hardest things I've EVER had to go through in my entire life such as... Going to the doctor, learning how NOT to cry, trying to not to faint at the pure sight of blood...
But this book, this book right here was everything and anything and all and none of what I expected. It delivered and it killed and destroyed everything in it's path. Which sadly means it completely and utterly destroyed ME because I was the only thing there to destroy.
Thanks for destroying me dear Leah.)

*With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent -Soul Screamers #7-
(As I said, reading a series ending book is not an easy task.
And this book right here? Reading this very book? It meant a chapter of my life closed, ended, finished... I started reading author, Rachel Vincent's books back before I became a blogger so you can only imagine what I really went through. It meant that, this series that I hold so close to my heart they're practically the same thing now, has ended, has finished... Finito! NEVER to come back again. I cried almost through the whole thing. I cannot believe it's over and there were a lot of times I just HAD to put the book down because it was getting to be too much and too hard to say goodbye.
I thank the author from the bottom of my bookish-cry baby heart for writing these books that'll forever live inside my mind and heart but most important of all, my soul. Thank you.)


So as you can see,
I'm writing this just a couple of hours after I finished reading With All My Soul and so far I've got nothing on my mind to start writing my review though I know I want to write one, badly. Not only for it but for A Touch Menacing and Point of Retreat as well...
We'll see how I do.

But enough of me.

What about you guys?
What's the book you've just finished? Did it make you feel like how I felt like or were your reads a bit less mean to your hearts?