-Blogger Of The Week #2- Haley @ Ya-Aholic

Wait what?
I thought I said this was supposed to be a weekly feature and I go ahead and post just one?
And it was on MARCH!!????
What part of WEEKLY didn't I get?!!!

I'm sorry I never continued this feature, which I think is kind of awesome if I do say so myself so here it goes. Again :D

-Remember, I'm only just starting this and in NO way am I intending to steal this idea from any blog, I just thought it'd be cool if I gave a shout-out to those blogs who I stalk regularly and give a chance to new blogs to be found!
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Today I'm featuring another favorite blogger of mine and one of the very first blogs I found out here on the internet/blogosphere.

I stumbled upon Haley's blog way before I became a blogger, it was one of the first ones I discovered thanks to some blog hops.

I loved her energy right away. I think it was because of one of her IMM posts (I love love love bloggers who vlog!! Is like an addiction or something) or because of one review that I decided I needed to stalk her and follow her.

And well, the rest is history. Now I can't remember a time when I haven't stalked her secretly or not-so secretly. Either way I think at some times I got to be too much so I laid off for a while but she's been a constant inspiration for me to really just have fun and be me no matter what the blogosphere says.

Have you seen how she completely supports indie authors?? I love that about her!!! She was actually the one that, even though she doesn't know, was one of the reasons why I decided to once again take indie books for review and such.

Also!!!!! She's a very dear friend of another favorite of favorites blogger of mine!! Who might or might not be the blogger I'll be featuring next Saturday hehehe. Does Book Passion For Life ring any bells?? Well if it doesn't tune in this coming weekend for a bit of who they are and why I love their blog :D

But enough of me, I'm here just to really really REALLY strongly recommend you check out Haley's blog.
It's light, fun, happy and full of bookish recommendations. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Here are all the places where you can either contact or stalk her (what's the difference -_-)

An amazing blogger, awesome friend, and definitely great reviewer that will always have a fun post to go to whenever you want...

<3 Ya-Aholic is without a doubt a great choice if you're looking for a new book blog to follow or to simply check out ;)


  1. AWHHHH ALBA!!!!!! D: I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!! <3 <3 Thank you hun!! You are so amazing (:


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