-Review- Bully by Penelope Douglas

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My name is Tate. He doesn't call me that, though. He would never refer to me so informally, if he referred to me at all.


My Thoughts

(I'd recommend readers from the age of 15 and up)
I like to think I've always been good at telling people how a certain book, story, plot, character, etc... I've read about affects me in some ways or others...
Whenever I write a review is much more than a review for me, is like a mini story of what I went through when reading said book.

And in a way I think I've pulled it off so far. The stories and books that I've loved are and forever will be in my heart and mind, always there coming to mind now and then, appearing in my dreams some nights and well... You know, the usual stuff.

I've been moved and affected by so many books in my life I've lost count. Every book that I love leaves a piece of it and the author in my soul and I'll carry that with me forever.

But never in all my life, in all the years I've been reading and writing and talking about books has a book felt as if I were reading some sort of morbid story of my life.

Sure I've felt connected to hundreds and hundreds of characters before and I've cried and smiled and suffered and rooted for them more times than I dare admit.

But this book, this book went way up there with the books that have not only affected my life but the ones that have actually inspired a change in my life, the ones that in some way or another have made me grow up and change things in me that otherwise I would never have changed.

-I used to love people. I loved being a part of things and socializing. Now, I only wanted to be alone. Because alone was the only way I was safe.-

Bully, for me, was like seeing my life back when I was in high school being told from another POV. Remembering some really painful memories and others that took my breath away with how beautiful and precious they were/are.

If I were to tell you every single thing that I have in common with the female main character you'd laugh and get tired but really O_O I was a little scared to find out how similar we are.

Tate, believe it or not is a girl's name, starts off as a somewhat weak character, one that prefers running and avoiding confrontations than actually standing up to the bullies all around her, one that wants nothing more than to blend in the background and try not to draw any attention to her in case her bullies decide its time to have some fun at her expense.

And I felt for her, because she wasn't this person, not really. She didn't use to be this way. She, once upon a time, was a happy girl with an amazing boy as a best friend that brought out the strength she had deep inside her, brought out all the good and the happy that she kept buried thanks to the early death of one of her parents. She used to be a smiling girl that looked at a pink balloon and remembered that the world wasn't as bad and as cruel as she thought it was.

That's who Tate was, her life wasn't perfect but she wouldn't have had it any other way...

Until one day everything changed and Jared wasn't her happy place anymore, there wasn't a storm to look forward to in the days... There was only hurt and pain and sadness and more more more hurt.

And the worst part was, she thinks she's responsible for it. She thinks she somewhat did something to be where she is right now. She misses her best friend. She misses the freedom of being normal. And she thinks that going to her bullies and talking will "maybe" help her case.

"Calm down. I'm not saying you weren't a good friend. Of course you were. His issues started this. But it's easy to say you've tried and then just walk away. It's easy to say you can't force help on someone that doesn't want help and then walk away..."

Things got worse after that. The Jared she knew and loved so very much had turned into this monster... You can only imagine the things he did to her whether they were directly or indirectly.

So there I was, all freaked out and bawling my eyes out thinking this had to be a cruel sick joke from the author, I felt as if she had invaded my deepest and darkest memories that I'd kept secret from everyone but who used to be my BFF and Myself...

Back to the book, it was amazing! It was beautiful in the most hurtful way. It was just what I needed to want to read everything this author writes.

Of course then some things happen at the end that finally made me think I was reading someone else's story and not mine when the WORSE thing yet happens... As I said, it was right at the end so I spent most of the time relating to the character so much I had to take breaks in between reading.

After all the bullying, when Tate comes back from a very earned break from it all she decides she doesn't have to turn her back on things anymore, she decides to be the strong one, she decides to speak up and fight.

But then, she starts becoming someone she's not, she starts hurting people, she starts pushing away the only people that are on her side and that truly care about her.

The bullied becomes the bully.

Wow. Seriously, wow.

Thanks so much for writing a story that reminded me of old times and for making me see things very differently.

And also, thanks for not being afraid to put it all out there. This happens people, every single day, someone is bullied and lives are lost.

I just wish those kids out there knew they aren't alone. They're not the only ones that are being bullied ,they're certainly much more stronger than they think they are. And they're all beautiful.

No one, no one deserves to be bullied, even the bullies. Because bullies are made not born.

So, if you want to read a story about a story, if you want to see how some of the bullies that exist today are made, if you want to read about hot angry passion and sexy furious stares, and if you want to read about love and hate and how easily it is to go from one to the other, then by all means read Bully and be ready to have many many heart-pounding moments.

"Don't hide from me, and don't ask me to hide."

My weaknesses?
The book cover represents some parts of the book but not all of them. So I give it half a point.
The book tittle? So in the book!!! In and on it so completely, nailed it ;)

I give this book,
5= Clouds In The Heavens READ IT!

Another quote ;)

His tongue made my whole world slide on its ass.