-Review- Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

Goodreads shortie:
From acclaimed author Katie McGarry comes an explosive new tale of a good girl with a reckless streak, a street-smart guy with nothing to lose, and a romance forged in the fast lane...

First of all, my weaknesses?
Both were KIND of present in this book. One more than the other.
The book tittle? It wasn't as if it was literally inside the book but it represents exactly what the whole book is about, the theme and most of the settings so I'll go with a big round 100% in love with the book tittle.
The book cover? It somehow is a sort of scene in the book but at the same time it isn't... But I do love how it portrays the whole story in one sole picture so I'm going with heck yeah! 
Both my weaknesses!! I love love love the book cover AND the tittle plus, please take a second or a day whichever suits you best, to admire the male model on the cover *O*

My Thoughts?

Rachel, oh dear dear Rachel, where to begin? Do I tell people how incredible my instant connection with you was or just how amazing the story was in general?

If you ever read my review for Dare You To you'd remember that I wasn't a fan of the first book but that Dare You To simply blew my mind away so I wasn't afraid to continue reading this series and was more than looking forward to reading this book. I had all this huge and amazing expectations for it, I wanted it to be better than the last just as what happened when I read book #2.

I really and thoroughly enjoyed this book, seriously, I did. The plot, the setting everything was believable, the writing wasn't rushed as is the trouble nowadays with a lot of books. 
Nope sir, author Katie McGarry knew just which buttons to push in order to keep me glued to each word, each paragraph, each page and even before finishing a chapter I was left wanting more of a certain scene, a certain dialogue.
Because people! The dialogue :D I've never been one to look or review the writing style or techniques that must go on with certain books that much but I couldn't help myself with this book.

What I'm about to do isa wrong. So wrong. The exact opposite of everything my parents expect from me, and for that reason alone it feels right...

And then of course after Rachel, amazing, sweet, stubborn, fragile but determined Rachel... Came one of my favorite characters ever to be written... Isaiah... I loved him in Pushing The Limits, he was the only one I really really cared for... Then on Dare You To my heart broke for him but at the same time I knew something better was on his way and BOY!! BOY!! 

Isaiah... Thanks so much for being the character, the man that you are!! He's everything that I've always wanted a male book character to be and has certainly ruined me for all real men on earth. Tattooed, strong, a little frail right in the center and well... Seriously, I couldn't love him more even if I wanted to.

All in all, I loved how the story progressed from bad to worse and then BOOM...

And even though I loved every single part of it, every twist the author decided to add to the story and even though the whole time I was reading I could completely lose myself inside the head of whoever I was reading about... Even after all these good things I was still left wanting more and not the good way Icantgetenoughofthisbook kind of feeling but more of the one that the book was just that, GOOD but not mind-blowing, not a life changer kind of book, it was another good story a story that a lot of people might like but that for me just didn't reach that point that I wanted to reach, which was myself left completely devastated because the book ended and begging for more of the story. 

"Life isn't made-fortelevision movies or books with happy-ever-afters. Sometimes the choices we're presented with are bad or worse."

I was just happy with how it ended and that's it.

Well, at least THAT's what I thought right up until the last few pages... I CANNOT believe the author DID that to me!! I mean, seriously... I was a wreck, I was panting, I was sobbing uncontrollably and refused to even turn one more page of my galley... I was terrified terrified of everything that might or mightn't... I feared for everyone and everything and I was simply... WOW

I was left dumbfounded... I couldn't believe that almost at the very ending, right when I thought that the story had been just okay, just another good but kind of forgettable story... O_O here comes the author and word-slapped me on the face... Right there... where it hurt the most.

I loved it!! loved loved loved it!! That thing *_* and then the wait... and then the not mentioning her name until then :( It was torture and I loved every second of it.

Thanks so much to author Katie McGarry for writing about anything and everything and not being afraid of it ;)

If you're looking for an adrenaline rush kind of love story, with a girl that exists only to replace the void that another girl left behind and with a guy that doesn't want all the bad and sad things that have happened in his life to define him... Or if you're in the mood to read about cars and races and love and kisses and Noah and Beth and danger and money... Then you're in for a true story that'll leave you breathless and rooting for the tattooed guy.

I give this book,
5fotitos=~Sobs hard~Too good to be true!

And just because I love you guys here's one of my fave parts... quotes... passages... whatever... I'm skipping some names though :D

At the end of its very own road, HERNAME's house sits entirely illuminated against the night sky. It has white columns and white marble steps and what the fuck is HERNAME doing with me?