Mini & Fast-Paced Reviews

You guys!! I've been reading, like a lot.

Okay, maybe not a lot but the thing is that I've been reading and so far all of the books I've picked up, save for one, have been great reads.

The bad thing?


I'm not making time to write reviews!

I need to write more reviews if I ever want to make this little blog of mine grow in any way.

Mostly I'm here to post some pics of the books I've been reading lately :D


I recently finished reading
Holly molly! I loved this book!! I fell completely in love with Wait For You and reading it again but from Cam's POV?! I was definitely fangirling throughout the whole read, seriously.
The cover is just O_O and the tittle goes perfectly with the story.
It felt so good to get to know Cam's head and to see that one story is never set in motion alone but needs the help of other stories in order to happen.
I just loved this book, really. Loved it and my weaknesses were completely showcased so :D

I give this book
5 stars
5= Clouds In The Heavens READ IT!

before that I read
I'm a big fan of J.Lynn, seriously and I say J.Lynn because I've only ever read her contemporary books and never felt inclined to read her other books written under Jennifer L. Armentrout but this book wasn't what I expected at all, and nope I'm not saying that in a good way.
I had such high hopes for this book but the only thing I ever got was some good kissing scenes and a very predictable story.
It contained no surprises, I wasn't excited when I turned to the next page because I already knew what it would contain. The only thing that I really liked was the guy's character. Kyler seems to be the mature one apparently when it's always been the girl who has been the one with her feet on the ground so that was also a plus and last but not least, the cover. The book cover is perfect for the title and for the story and well yeah my 2 weaknesses were there so that makes 2 stars plus the great male character...
Making a total of a 3 star rating :D

3= It was good

I also read
First of all, the better 90% of this book is so full of flashbacks I had to make myself continue reading just because I wanted to know if I was ever going to actually read about what was happening in the present to the main character.
It's a cute story don't get me wrong, but the writing style simply wasn't for me.
I picked it up because it was said to have "...what every girl wants in a summer" But that is so wrong you have NO idea. Like really REALLY wrong.

This isn't what I would've wished my summers to go like. And I definitely would have never spent most of my summer reminiscing about how miserable my previous summers were.
Add to that the fact that a beloved other character might or might not die and you've got a hell of a bad summer going on.

But why did I ended up reading it AND giving it a high rating on Goodreads?
Because of the last 3 chapters I believe.
I don't know why but they instantly drew me in, captivated me and spanned my head so bad I ended up dizzy with want and begging for more of the story.
Of course the little teaser of book #2 didn't help matters either.

The tittle is on as it is in the book and the cover portrays not the story in itself but what the girl would want to happen in the story :)

I give it 4 stars :D

4fotitos=Genious crying.

I started this book thinking about all kinds of things since I didn't read the description and instead went just with Fiktshun's review and thoughts on it.
What a book!! What a book you guys!!

From the doll store to the career dates.
This book was absolute genius!
I loved every second of it and the writing style was surprisingly fresh, I loved how different the writing style appeared to be for me. Kasie West has a voice that will be hardly erased from my mind.
I wish I could go back and read it all over again.
I've been on a contemporary-reading streak lately so there you go.

The distance between us is exactly about that, the distance and how we all have different ways to measure it.

When you think you're the closest to someone that someone thinks you're so far away they can barely even see you.

An amazing story with incredible characters that made me cheer for them even after finishing the book.

I'm not that fond of the book cover because I don't think it represents the story at all but the tittle goes perfectly with it.

I give it 5 stars

5fotitos=~Sobs hard~Too good to be true!

This book! This book people!!!!!!
It had been so long since I got my dose of hot cowboy that I was more than willing to go ahead and read this book.

This book has EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING that I'd ever want in a western-kind of story.
Loved the setting, I could picture it perfectly!
Loved the characters, everyone had a story to tell and they weren't shy when the time was right.
Loved the love, LOVE WAS IN THE AIR! Like, all the time.
It wasn't predictable, at all. Sure you think you know when something is going to happen but then it doesn't and it happens earlier or later on.
Believable characters, believable story, believable everything.

I felt like I was living this story instead of reading it.

The only downside for me is the price of the sequels. I'm all for supporting all kinds of authors but, I've seen the eBook prizes lately and I just don't feel comfortable paying what I would pay for a printed copy for an eBook one.
The most I would ever pay for an eBook for a fairly new author-to me- is $1.99 tops.
So I guess this is where my fairy tale reading of hot cowboys starts and ends.

The cover is perfect as well as the tittle!! Lost & Found indeed guys.

I give this book 5 stars

5= Clouds In The Heavens READ IT!