-BookPics Is Curious- What's Happened To Me, To Us?

Wow, I suck.

I haven't been posting as I would like to, I haven't been reviewing. AT ALL. I haven't been looking for galleys as I used to, I haven't been entering book giveaways, I haven't been visiting my favorite book blogs.

I, simply put, haven't done anything on the blogosphere lately, better said, since last August.
Sure I've been posting here and there but seriously, it wasn't something I completely put myself into, the only book review I last remember really wanting to write was the one for Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi because it completely blew my heart away.

I was amazing and up until now I really need to find that place again, the one in which I couldn't stop stalking my favorite bloggers, the time I stalked my favorite authors whether they paid me attention or not, the time when book bloggers formed this community and everyone was nice with everyone and all the drama and ugly didn't happen.

I want all that back, I want to blog again, show you how, even with all the things I've stopped doing the one thing I haven't given up on is reading, that's the only thing that's been a constant since December.

But a lot of stuff has been going on in RL lately too, take for instance, a third part of me now is living in Switzerland because my sister just went there at the beginning of the year and she'll be there for 2 whole years. We're close, like veins and blood close. So you can only imagine what it feels like, never mind that I'm 23 and she's 21 and we've been living together since birth.

Then there's some papers here and there I'm now working on, I feel a little off balance and lost without her here since she was the one who was always going with me to all these things. Also, I seriously seriously WANT, wait, NEED to get my USA VISA because there's NO WAY I'm waiting another year to visit, no matter where I go as long as I set foot on USA legally and via airplane. I NEED to go to signing! I NEED to meet at least one author ONE FREAKING AUTHOR! And if it's Maggie Stiefvater or Tahereh Mafi I'll probably die really far away from home but WHO CARES! I sure as hell don't.

Then I want to continue studying because, I really know what I want now even though it's taken me longer than I would've liked, it's never too late to start fresh even if I'm going to be the one old soul in there...

So I've been all over and nowhere at the same time, my mind still needs to catch up to the fact that my sister isn't here, I need to remember that I'm getting old and I feel like I haven't lived. I need to remember that blogging was all about having fun and meeting new people who related to me because of my love for books, I need to remember that I love my blogger friends, my bookish friends and all my followers because there's nothing better than FangirlsUnited, I really really need to remember that I'm God's daughter; therefore I deserve everything good life has in store for me, I need to remember that I'm strong even more so when I'm weak. I need to remember that books were a scape but never something to keep me from living. I need to remember that I love english and that nothing and I mean NOTHING has to come in between my dream of wanting to write/teach english.

I need to remember to smile! Smile, Be Happy, Be Thankful... I had forgotten all about that but I sure as hell won't be forgetting anytime soon.

Books, here I come.
Blogger friends, beware of my comments.
Authors, hope to meet at least ONE of you this year. (Maybe BEA?)
Bookish friends, sorry for bothering you so much with my fangirling moments.
BookAngels, you're a blessing.
God, sorry I forgot I'm nothing without you. Thank you for EVERYTHING and sorry for EVERYTHING.

Everyone, let us become bookish again! Wherever you are I hope you're smiling, whichever book you're reading I hope you're enjoying it, whoever you're meeting today for the first time I hope you're having a great time, whatever book site you're visiting I hope your credit card suffers a bit because Evertrue came out today and I'm drooling all over the place to get it, Seriously.

No matter what, don't let what happened to me happen to you.
Be thankful! All the time, isn't the tree over there so nice you want to hug it? Isn't that book cover so gorgeous you want to smell it and pet it and everything? Isn't your favorite author coming someplace near you?! Go try to meet her/him!

Live life people!! Live it and Love it! Everything happens for a reason and remember that God will never put you through hardships He knows you'll never overcome.

I'm starting today, what about you? When Will YOU start to read, love, read, blog, comment, tweet, Facebook, stalk, fangirl... Again as you used to?

So yeah, the last half of 2013 sucked for me but I won't let that happen this 2014.
This is what happened to me and little of what's happened to some bloggers...
What about you? Are you still doing the same things as before? Do you still enjoy blogging? Do you still enjoy reading? Are you still afraid? Will you let that feeling of self-doubt rule you?

What will you change this 2014 that you wish you had last year?



*Te haré entender, y te enseñaré el camino en que debes andar;
Sobre ti fijaré mis ojos.* Salmo 32.8


  1. Oh Alba girl, I love your post!!! I'm right there with you, although you already knew that. ;) I hope you'll get to do everything you wish to do this year and forever!!! :)

    1. Thanks ^_^
      It's happened to a lot of us lately.
      I hope so too :D

      And you too woman!!! Hope you get to do everything you wish to do this year and forever!


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