-Review- Picture Perfect by Alessandra Thomas

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... When Cat faces her fears and bares it all for the class, she realizes that she's posing naked in front the most gorgeous, buffest guy she's ever seen in her life. He asks her out after the class, and after one steamy night together, Cat's absolutely smitten ...

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My Thoughts

(Recommend this book for readers 17+)
This was my first 2014 read and while it didn't exactly blew my socks off it definitely left an impression.

Being a big girl myself I gotta say it's normal for me NOT to find big-sized girls in the books I enjoy reading but now and then I find the rare book that features a girl like that and in this case the girl is the main character and the whole story/book revolves around her and her size/weight.

I'm being honest here when I say I really liked the author's writing BUT didn't like that main character's voice that much.

Picture Perfect is about not only love but the struggles a lot of us big girls go through (even though I don't think a size 12 is a BIG girl but there you go) to try and be at ease with how our bodies look and how society always seems inclined to look down on us.

Add to that the fact that she (Cat, the female leading lady) didn't use to be like this, she used to be a model, a desired girl, a pretty girl (seeing pretty as thin.) You know, the usual stereotype kind of thing. It's no news that she's having a hard time adjusting to her new body and injury.

Oh, I didn't mention that, she's big now because she was left injured after a minor accident and due to that she'll probably never going to be thin again.

All this is kind of what the story is about, revolving around her weight and practically only that.

"Remember, Cat. Try to find enough bravery to make yourself feel powerful..."

I was okay with that, I was okay with her liking a boy and thinking he would never give her the time of the day because of her "big-ness." I was even okay with what her therapist tells her to do and all the advice she gives her, specially the one about her worth not being tied to a guy liking her and only feeling good when with said guy.

Talking about the guy, Woah Nate, I think he was a really cute addition to the story. Not that special, just your overall typical good guy with a slightly dark past but as I said, a cute addition nonetheless.

Anyhow. I would recommend this book to someone who likes quick, fast-paced reads with a little of love and sexy thrown in between pain and self-esteem problems :D

My one big trouble with the book? The neediness Cat shows throughout the whole reading. I've only ever read (DNF'ed that book actually) one other book about a girl like that before and it wasn't a great experience, about a girl showing herself way too needy for my comfort. She didn't seem able to control herself while around Nate, appearing to have a one-way track kind of mind, thinking only and ONLY of sleeping with him every single time he so much as appears in her peripheral vision.
And one other tiny little thing... possessive much Nate? Didn't let her wear stilettos? Really Cat?

My weaknesses?

The tittle goes perfectly well with the story, both of them are studying with some art subjects in their careers, she takes pictures ;) he draws.
And the cover while steamy and might make you think it's a more adult kind of book really reflects a lot of the love scenes that happen in the book.

I give this book,

4= OhMyCloud!

One of my most favorite passages.

"Okay. Emotional eating, we can deal with. Later. But now, I want to tackle the idea that your value as a person is wrapped up in your body. It's not your body you want to get back, though. It's how you felt when you were in that body."