Wednesday, February 5, 2014

-Middle Of The Week Reads- #3

¡¡¡Middle Of The Week Reads!!!

It's wednesday!
Which means you're either overly excited because the week is halfway through... or you're completely depressed because you feel like the weekend is never going to come.

Either way I hope you're reading something and this wednesday what's currently keeping me up at night is,

Be With Me by J.Lynn

I started this yesterday and I'm almost done, you have no idea, NO idea how much I had been waiting for this tittle. I missed the chance to get the galley so I was impatiently waiting to FINALLY get to read Jase's story :D
And while I'm certainly enjoying it so far my favorite remains the first one, Wait For You. Hopefully something will happen in this book that'll make me change my opinion XD

What are you guys reading this Wednesday?

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