-Middle Of The Week Reads- #4

¡¡¡Middle Of The Week Reads!!!

It's wednesday!
Which means you're either overly excited because the week is halfway through... or you're completely depressed because you feel like the weekend is never going to come.

Either way I hope you're reading something and this wednesday what's currently keeping me up at night is,

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

You know that book that everyone's read but you weren't able to get when it first got published?
You know that book that after published everyone's talking about and you still haven't been able to get it?
You know that book that a BookAngel gets for you because she knows how much you've been dying to read it?
You know that book that your BookAngel got for you and were planning to read but then everyone told you that it'd destroy you, specially since they know how sentimental and crybaby you are?
You know that book that's been sitting on the shelf for a year?
You know that book that when you FINALLY decided to pick up (1 year later) and read someone just HAD to spoil it for you? The very very climax and astounding ending? RUINED!
You know that book that has been ALMOST 2 years on the shelf now?
The book that you pinned for when not owned, then put down because of the feels, then picked up because of a movie coming up, then put down because an intelligent (HEAVY SARCASM) someone spoiled it for you, then picked back up again because seriously there's just so much time one can endure before finally giving in to the siren song that the book pages sing for you...

Well, then... If you know that book or if you have that kind of book.
The Fault In Our Stars is IT for me, is THE book... I am finally reading it and I KNOW I'll be destroyed.

But GOD what an amazing writing and story... I'm taking it slow with this one, I don't want to read it fast, I don't want to rush into things... I simply want the story to flow and cry all the time because if there's one thing this book is doing is making me cry, the writing is too exquisite for my eyes and my heart is delighted with all the incredible passages I've read...

I cannot wait and yet... I need to.
That ending just around the corner, I hope I get to it really really slow.

What are you guys reading this Wednesday?


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