Darynda Jones Made Me Do It...

This, I meant this.

The fact that it's been over 6 months since I last posted kind of gives you an idea of how crazy my life has been not that I haven't been reading... But something about a loved one being sick and dealing with your own stuff it just... It hasn't been as easy or as manageable as I thought it'd be BUT that is SO not why I'm here for.

I've been reading and reviewing books for years now but somewhere in between I lost track, missed the train and lost myself so I figured if I couldn't manage to post it here on my blog the least I could do is submitting my reviews for all those eARCs that Netgalley miraculously continues to approve to me XD (And it sure has been my salvation when I couldn't get my hands on some new releases last year.) So that's what I've been doing, reading and reviewing on netgalley only and then track my reads through goodreads...

But then the unthinkable happened...
I finally caught up with all the Charley Davidson books and didn't have ANY MORE TO READ!!!!
NO BOOKS!! NO REYES!! NO COOKIE!!!! I was in hell!!!! In pure agonizing gimmie more HELL!! The withdrawals were worse than when you know who tried to give up you know what... IT WAS WORSE!!!
It wasn't pretty, it wasn't easy BUT I'm happy to announce that I survived and what better prize for myself, what better pat on the back than...
Being approved for a galley of Ninth Grave!!! Ninth Grave people!!
As in the book that literally just came out!!!
I got approved and I devoured that thing faster yet slower than I wanted to, I knew I'd have to wait long for the next one but come ON I had waited a lot for this one as well and since I had survived it I figured I would be able to survive the next torturous wait.

When I finally finished reading the book I couldn't just submit my review on Netgalley.
I just couldn't.
Darynda and Charley managed to make me want to share publicly yet again, how the reading process went.

Normally I've never been good at reviewing books without going all fangirl on it and this time it was no exception...

I literally wrote down whatever the book made me feel throughout the whole reading of it submitted it then wrote it here on my blog but never hit the "Publish" button because I wanted to wait until after the release.

It has been so long since a book made me want to feel this thrill again, this happy feeling of sharing my thoughts on books with the world out there no matter how little of the world actually reads it.
But yeah.

I can't believe I'm here again, writing on my blog...
And although I don't know if I'll be posting regularly again I just know that I HAD to post my thoughts on Ninth Grave because... Well, Reyes you know? Need I say more?

So thank you dear Darynda Jones ^_^ for reminding me why I've always loved reading & writing reviews.
You made me do it ;)

The review is the blog post after this one ^___^



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