-Review- The Dirt On Ninth Grave by Darynda Jones

**Spoiler alert for all personas who have not read any of the 8 previous Charley Davidson books and a wake up call for you to do so. Yesterday!!**

I am dead.
I'm a walking dead.
The walking dead.
The ones that roam the earth.
Without a heart.
Without a soul.
Because they were both taken away by perfectly written characters,
characters such as Reyes and Charley or Janey or whatever you want to call her.
Fictional characters,
non-breathing characters but
perfect and awesome nonetheless.
So there you go, that's my story.
The one of how I became a zombie while reading a book.
How one little thing destroyed me so much...
Because you know what?
He's loved her for 1000 and one.


-- "So, why are you living in a motel?"
I felt a slight bristle come off him.
"I was... seeing someone."
A soft gasp escaped me. No idea why that would surprise me.
"She left me. No good-bye. No note. Nothing. Just vanished into thin air. I had nowhere else to go." ----- "I'll get over it. I have no choice. She's forgotten all about me." --

Holy clouds in the heavens! If you missed it, that was the sound of my heart breaking, ruining and pretending to mend itself all at once. Thank you very much T_T

I can't even begin to describe what an amazing sequel to 8th grave this is.
From the very start I knew it'd be a nice if only quick change from the god, angels, demons, curses, sadness and all the other drama that had been going on and it's obviously meant to build up even more (I cannot wait!! Complete masochist here) but everything had to do with one thing and one thing only, getting Charley back on track.

I enjoyed it probably more than I should've but I cannot help myself when Charley/Reyes/Darynda are involved its like the perfect trifecta or something.


I completely completely recommend people not to skip this one. Charley isn't Charley but is... Reyes is AMAZING and I love how he was almost in every single chapter of the book, how impossibly in love he seems to be with Charley and how in the end no matter how much he loves her it wasn't really him who really helped her.

Charley doesn't remember who she is but seeing the same people coming inside the diner she works at over and over it's bound to make a girl suspicious especially if sex incarnate is one of them.

I don't, I can't and I really won't be able to write a good enough review (even though it's mostly my feels experience while reading the book) but when things like this come up in a book you cannot just ignore them and not share them with the world!

--Either I had some kind of extraordinary perception or I'd done a lot of LSD in my youth.---

Charley is as sarcastic as ever and I love that that part of her wasn't lost with all the other <3

Tons of feels, a lot of laughs and definitely one very big thing revealed I'm all ready set and go for 10th grave BUT before excuse me while I go reread this beauty.

When puns are being made at Cookie's expense you KNOW shit has hit the fan and things are about to get ugly.

5/5 Definitely!

--Damn it. He was an alien. I should have known. An evil, throw-me-against-a-wall-and-fuck-me alien. Aka, the worst kind.--

I'm sorry if my review was all over the place but that's exactly how you might feel when reading this book so might as well take it as a guide or warning hehehe.