Sunday Life Recap! I Miss You All!

I am BACK!
For now.
Okay who knows.
But don't lose faith in me.

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I've been getting a LOT into makeup lately so you'll find I sometimes post my book related pictures with a makeup twist but they look pretty, I promise, kinda, I don't know. Hehehehe

But even though I haven't been active on the blog, although depression and anxiety have had a lot to do with it, I have been seriously active on those 2 platforms plus my Facebook page BookPics (Follow there!!!) and sometimes I pop up on Twitter @ alba_bookpics (shamelessly asking you guys to practically stalk me everywhere hahahaha) all of this info you can find on the right sidebar of the blog ^__^

I have also been reading a lot. Stalking a lot of authors but sadly I haven't been stalking my favorite bloggers and that is something I regret a lot because this blog plus the videos I used to record were the one thing that kept me sane. Maybe that's why I think I'm slowly going mad. And I just recently figured in all my anxiety/depressed-filled-persona glory that if I don't change that, if I don't come back and do my thing again, nothing and no one will do it for me, so here I am trying to make the change once more.
And maybe, just maybe this will be the first huge step to get my life back, little by little.

Will you help me?

Don't abandon me! Don't give up on me and this blog just yet. I'll give it my best shot you guys!!

And that's it my beautiful people!

Now REALLY see what I've been up to.

(Remember I like taking pictures a lot so that's how I'm continuing this post.)

In order not to bore you to death here, lastly I'll share with you. MY FAVORITE READ of 2016 so far (it wasn't released this year, mind you, but I read it this year so...)

But enough of me.
What are y'all been up to?
I miss you!