-Review- It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

[... He is. He asked for you. And I know you're with my brother and I'm with child, but can we please just take a moment to silently admire the perfection that is that man?]

(Before the review let me tell you a bit about my reading experience as a whole...Also, I kinda was too emotional so there's a bit of cursing *something I rarely do* so beware.)

I've read a lot of books in my lifetime.
Some were so bad for me I wish I'd had a lighter right there to erase all traces of it from my shelves. Others were so good I constantly struggled with my selfishness to keep the story all to myself and not let anyone read it while at the same time wanting to have tons of people to discuss said good book with.
Then came the gems. The epic books. The books that changed something in me every time I turned that last page and sigh a little contented sigh of happiness or sorrow or sadness or any feeling that happened to be evoked by the ending of the book.
Then came the 3 books that somehow saved me from myself. Books that I will never be able to read ever again but that are constantly in my mind, no need to read them again. They are forever imprinted on my very soul.
I found one of those books thanks to Colleen Hoover.
She recommended me Taryn's books (I say recommended ME loosely because she usually just promotes Taryn's books on her social media and I just happened to be on Instagram at the perfect time.)

(Here's where my review starts...)

But then.
There are these books.
Books that don't fit in any other category you might shelf your books in.
Books that surprise you because you know what you're getting yourself into. Or at least you think you know.
But later you think... "Fuuuuuck. Fuuuuuck. What in the fuuuuuck. Fuck!!!? What in the beautiful flowers in my garden did I just sign up for?"
Almost every Colleen Hoover book I've read has been like this.
Surprising. Inspiring. Sometimes I can predict the outcome. Sometimes I can't. But I always love the story all the same.
It Ends With Us is a great book. I loved it and I kind of hated it.
Because, beware... honest truth coming.
I've been that 'girl' that 'woman' that person that even though has gone through psychological abuse was quick to start saying... "why doesn't she leave him?" When I'd hear of women suffering physical abuse. I'd say "I would've done that ages ago... why is she so stupid? Why why why... or I would've I would've I would've..."
I hated it because I discovered something I pretty much hate about myself (not that I need to add more to the list lol) I hated how quick I came to conclusions about people's life choices when mine aren't perfect or easy.

I know not every case is the same. Ever.
But this book made me pause.
Made me think (which is always something I appreciate.)
Made me take a knee ^_^ and breathe and say...
"Stop. You are NOT them. You don't KNOW. And even if you think you know... just stop."
So first I want to apologize for being that person but second I want to thank Colleen for writing this book.
I can't even begin to imagine how this must've been for you.
After reading the author's note at the end I felt like I had mostly read a journal entry rather than a fictional book.
I felt so many things all at once.
I felt sad for Ryle. I felt sad for Lily.
I felt sad for Atlas.
I felt sad for Emmy. 

["When's your next day off?" He says. 
"Never. When's yours?"
I shake my head. "We're doomed..."]

But then.
I felt hope for all of them. I felt happy for all of them.
I felt proud for freaking fictional characters.
I was a mess one second and a completely normal person the next.
If that doesn't mean this book was well written I don't know what does.
I haven't written one of my long book reviews in over a year because life sucks. But then this book came and life didn't suck as much for the days it took to finish it.
And now that I have read all of it I couldn't just come here and rate it and leave it at that.
I wanted to share a little bit of what happened to me while I read this.
So thank you for writing this book dear author.
Thank you for not hitting that delete button. Thank you for seeing it through. And thank you for publishing it and making it available for us.
I for one feel like a complete different person as to who I was when I started it.
It wasn't everything I hoped for, it wasn't everything I expected, it wasn't at all what I thought it'd be.
And I am completely thankful for that.
It was so much more!
Here's to naked truths, Ellen Degeneres, cycle breakers and the book title actually being a part of the story!

Ps. Allysa fan for life. That girl is goals!! Everything goals!! And I need a sponge bob onesie T_T

I give this book

Clouds In The Heavens READ IT!