-review- The Beast by J.R. Ward

(Read September 2016)
Even though I'd pre-ordered this book so it could be all signed and be a surprise for my sis I hadn't had the chance to even hold it until recently.
And now, after I talked and talked and talked away the time so I would put it off as long as I could.
I could talk no more.

And here I am.
Having just finished yet another awesome book by J.R.Ward I am now heartbroken because I have no more book to read.
And okay the legacy second book is coming soon but it's not at all like reading about the brothers.

Delivered exactly what was expected.
My heart melted and hardened and then expanded and then did some stop-restart stuff because
Mary and Rhage's story (continuation) was/is not for the faint of heart.
Specially with EVERYTHING else going on in the book.
I can't believe I just read ONE book.
I feel like I've read multiples of books and have zero complaints about it.

I cannot wait for what's to come for the blue-black-silver family.

And for all the new characters that were introduced in this book.

Wow. I never would've thought I could love the brothers more but WHAT DO YOU KNOW I was so very very wrong.

Hop on a sexy, action packed, heart-melting ride with the brothers and then some.

Also. WHAT IN THE FLOWERS?! I can't wait to know who the Scribe Virgin picks. I CANNOT WAIT!!