-review- The Chosen by J. R. Ward


Why does it feel like the latest books that JRWard has published haven't been long enough?

I want more... I NEED more.

More of the brothers of the bastards. Of everything and everyone involved in this world!

I love how a lot is happening, a lot is going on throughout this book and my heart was almost always beating miles and miles an hour but I wouldn't have it any other way.

The way Xcor spoke up and up and up.
The way he loved. The way he fought. The way he touched. The way he cooked. The way he hugged. The way he kissed.

I loved everything.

And Layla. Sweet not-so-lost-anymore Layla.
I'm so happy she gets her story.
I enjoyed her voice and her passion.
That strength that I always knew she had but she saw come out of nowhere?

I thoroughly enjoyed P & L those babies are too precious.

And overall I, simply put, devoured Ward's writing. Because yet again she delivered even more than I had hoped for.
In this long (hopefully longer still) series I have found very few (maybe only one) book that I didn't enjoy as much as the others.

I don't know how Ms. Ward does it. Still keeping me at the edge of wherever I am when I read her books.
She always breaks my heart. She makes me cry tears of joy and happiness with how much I care for each and every one of her characters.

I know... we could really do without the bad guy's POV but in this case I really didn't mind it one bit.

Hold on to something steady guys.
This ride is worth being in a theme park.
You won't regret it!