-review- Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

Such a dark, amazing, thrilling, sexy, inspiring, weird journey.

I loved every second of it.
All my senses were overloading, my heart beating miles a minute, my thoughts going every which way, my fingertips tingling from heartbreak, my head swelling from proudness.

I can't believe how fast I was able to connect and relate to Erika & Michael but I'm so very happy that I did and that the authors writing was such that I did so quickly and happily.

I read Bully long ago and it still holds a place in my heart to this day because it just was awesome.

But this book, -le sigh- this book had me thinking a lot about choices we make because of rules that others set for us.
It's okay to be a little crazy, it's okay to want more, it's okay to want to be happy and it's okay to make mistakes, you might say we've pretty much exhausted that topic in real life with everything going on around the world... But it doesn't hurt to be taught life lessons in the form of dark sexy books either.

I've always loved learning something from books I read, I've always enjoyed taking a piece of a character and molding it to myself, and I've always admired authors whose writing is as compelling to read as it is to follow and learn from.

Loved this book, completely recommend it.