-review- You Own Me by Mary Catherine Gebhard

I've never read a book that made less sense than this one, that dragged on and on like this one, that went round and round in circles like this one but still made me love it.
I loved every single thing.
Call me crazy, cuz I know I am.
But this was such an amazing read for me... from fudged up relationships, to stalkers, to mental illness, to physical and mental abuse, to friendships, to broken families, to sad upbringings, to therapist after therapist after therapist, to sexy times and clouds were those sexy times, to amazing inner monologue.
Lenny's "voice" was so much fun yet a nightmare to read.
I immediately identified a lot of myself with her, reading things from her POV was a blessing and a curse but I loved it either way.
Even after all the poop she's gone through she still manages to somewhat be an amazing woman on a daily basis. And whenever she wasn't? Those days just made her even more real to me.

The one thing I've got to say that was completely frustrating, was the fact that we start knowing nothing about Vic, throughout the story we discover nothing about him and by the end of the book... guess what?
Yeah, you guessed what. We KNOW NOTHING about Vic.

And I just read that the companion (sequel to this book) is about her sister who he might've mentioned probably ONCE on the book is kind of eye-roll inducing but still. Because I was such a fan of Lenny AND the author's way of writing her voice, I'm all ready and set for the next books.

Great read!!