-thoughts- Bought & Paid For by Jordan Marie/Jenika Snow

I'm sorry... what?

What did I just read?
I was really looking forward to this one if only because I loved the title and the cover drew me in from the beginning.

I am really sad to say that it just was not good, at all. I liked what they tried to do with the story but the writing T_________T I felt I was reading someone's secret fantasy from a journal entry.

Both main characters are grown adults and I was often left wondering if that was indeed the case because their voices rang more like young adults at their best... new teenagers at the least.
I know it's fiction and all but I just couldn't wrap my mind around the story, it just seemed so far fetched and... Guys I was left speechless, really.

The older guy, the young girl, the secret desires both have had for each other... All the elements of an awesome sexy fantasy were there but the writing and voices just didn't deliver

-It was refreshing to have a woman who did not know how to hide her reaction to me. Megan would never pretend with me. I wouldn't allow it. Everything between us must always be completely real ––completely open.-

I'm not giving up on the authors, I hope I get to enjoy a full-length novel in the future and erase this disappointment from the record hehehe.

2 stars because as I said, I loved the title AND the cover *.*

2=will NEVER make me cry.


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