-review- Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

"Play it for me," he said. Play for me, my dear, and I will hear it. No matter where you go. No matter where I am. I swear it. I swear it..."

You know those times when there's a tiny little voice warning you from not doing things?
Like when you want to exercise but it whispers that there's chocolate cake in the fridge so... priorities?
Or when you want to go to a certain place but that voice makes an appearance and you end up not going only to find out later that some accident happened there?

Well ladies and gentlemen. I bow to that little voice. I should've listened and heeded its advice for it is with great sorrow that I write this and tell you that my heart is no more.

Why? Because I didn't listen to that little voice when it told me NOT to finish this book until I had the sequel. And here I am broken and crying but writing nonetheless because if there's one thing I should do is warn you in case that little voice doesn't work in your part of the world.

-He sighed, and it was the wind in the trees.-

This is a book like none I've ever read and it's mostly because the writing style is one of my least favorites. I struggled from the start to get into the story but the writing was just so incredibly hard and redundant and so unnecessarily complex for my simple minded brain that there were sentences I skipped all together, giving up on understanding them because one just like it went next. Also, I always research words I don't know immediately after I read them so I can better enjoy a book but this one had so many words that no one really uses lately that I just really shamelessly gave up on looking them up and went on.

-He was the bow, I the strings, and his fingers brushed my body to make me sing.-

My beautiful people! I'm so glad I didn't give up on the story though. It was so beautiful. So wrong and beautiful. So sad and sexy. So happy and lost. Filled with magic long lost, with music still playing, with creatures of the night, with sinful thoughts and actions, but above all it was filled with what I say over and over again on my reviews, it is absolutely filled with the greatest weapon of all... LOVE.

Liesl is a character I could easily relate to because of her personality.
The goblin king stole my heart from the start and I wish there was redemption that could be in the horizon in the means of the sequel because I want him free and I want him happy and with Elizabeth.

I cannot wait to get my heart broken yet again when the next book comes out. Cannot wait!

"I want you to find me," I whispered. "Every last bit of me."

I give this book

4=genious crying.


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