-review- Balance by Lucia Franco

I knew there'd be a book that would require me getting my ass off my lazy butt and finally post a book review here on the blog.

And boy! What a book it was.

It's no secret that I love my sexy books but this one took sexy to whole new level. A level I honestly never considered I'd enjoy specially because it's considered quite a "taboo" and to be quite frank with you all it did push some boundaries for me but it wasn't the age different that did but the cheating factor and some situations that made me remember that our female lead is most definitely young.

"You are fucking crazy, you know that? You are not right in the head."

But enough of that, you know I rarely reveal stuff about the book and I mostly touch down on the whole experience.

I was over the moon and uncomfortable a lot of the time BUT it was a good thing, believe me, it was. I fell head over heels with Kova (male lead) because he tried guys, oh did he try, and that made him all the more real and just sexy to me, because this coach is definitely definitely sexy.

Ari is a gymnast that's striving for the olympics but has a long way to go and I admired so much her drive and spirit. Even when all things go south, west, east... everywhere but the way she expects them to go she still pushes through. That strength and passion shown at such a young age... I can understand how the coach started admiring and appreciating while also... you know...

"Desire can be deadly. Temptation can be toxic."

I also have to thank the author for her outstanding writing which was simple and easy to read and I can only have love for that. Being a contemporary read with a lot of technicals terms (she even throws in a glossary at the beginning which-to be completely honest-freaked me out a bit and almost made me give up reading the whole thing.) I appreciated her using simple yet captivating words that had me on the edge of wherever I was sitting while reading the whole thing.

This book was HOT AF. Made a single girl feel even more single. But damnnnnnnnn such a sexy dirty extremely hot GOOD book.

I'm already rambling so I'll leave you with the link to look it up on goodreads in case you're interested, which I know you are because, HELLO! Hot russian coach is waiting for you all!

"Do not do that."
"Do what?""Look at me the same way I am looking at you."

10/5 Special BookPics Rating