-mini review- Dearest Ivie by J. R. Ward (BDB #15.5)

"Do you like what you see?" He said in a quiet voice

This was such such an awesome and amazing and cute addition to the BDB series!!
I can not describe how much I cried and felt and stressed and Idk throughout the whole book. It was simply lovely.

Now I just need to get all caught up with the BDLegacy ones and wait for the next BDB installment which is coming in like 2 weeks or more hehehe.

Silas was exactly the kind of male Ivie needed and viceversa. They were purrfect for each other and their love was sweet, fast and dreamy.

Can’t wait to see more of them in coming books.

Who is Silas’s lost sibling though? I really hope we find out in The Thief.

"Hell yeah, you can pay. This was your idea and I'm not blowing part of my rent money this month just to prove I'm a feminist. I can do that for free by demanding respect and getting it."

10(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of