On My -Currently Reading- Shelf

I have never been one to read more than one book at a time but for some reason I refuse to put 2 of the next 3 books back on my TBR pile and instead just continue having them on my Goodreads' -currently reading- shelf hahaha

Actively reading;

Claimed by M. Never (Decadence After Dark #2)

MAN!!!!! These books are HAWT and SEXY and damn! Really... I have no words. They're yummy if you're into the dominant type ;) No more to say, just read them. They're fast reads too!

The two books I'm not actively reading are;

Salt by Nayyirah Waheed

I'm easily influenced and convinced to try to read poetry, specially this kind AND it's all #bookstagram 's fault XD so that's why I even own this book, it was free and I had been seeing a lot of poems from it for a while now, I couldn't pass up the chance to download it to my kindle. I usually pull this up on my app when I'm waiting in line while running errands or when I'm bored at my grandmother's or you know... things like that.

Heaven by Mary Lindsey

I'm actually not 100% sure how I came to have this book, probably from an order I placed either on the B&N website or maybe Book Outlet? lol Either way, I just know I saw it A LOT on #bookstagram and most of the reviews were 4 stars or up AND I've always wanted to read something by Mary Lindsey.


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