-review- An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

-Walking along a blade's edge was only fun until the blade stopped being a metaphor.-

Have you ever gotten a book based solely on the fact that you’re a fan of the cover art artist?
Well, I hadn’t until I found out Charlie Bowater was the artist who designed the cover for this book and since I’m a really really big fan of her work I couldn’t not buy it.

Even more so when I found out a little bit about how it had similarities with a book that’s a favorite of mine.

I put it on hold because I was going through a YA reading slump but thankfully I’m glad and happy to say I really enjoyed it.

It reminded me, the writing style, to Wintersong’s prose and tempo.
The author was in no hurry to finish this book yet it was really short and somehow it just makes it that more alluring and unique.

-They looked like a pair of cupids who had decided they liked shooting people with real arrows better. They were horrible. I loved them so much.-

Isobel is a human with whom I had a hard time relating to but in the end I couldn’t help but appreciate her and her amazing Craft which is painting and drawing and all things beautiful.

Emma is just a bittersweet addition to the human cast.

May and March were undoubtedly my favorite characters from the whole book, yeah even more so than Rook if only because they were so unapologetically their true selves!

But Rook! Rook was a gem! He’s so gruesome but handsome. Powerful yet fearful.
He felt and saw and did things that defied his true nature and form and even though he didn’t understand why he was so different (and sexy) he couldn’t help himself, he continued feeling and seeing and doing those things.

"If you must stare at something for hours on end, I'd prefer it to be me alone."

The whole word was magical in a way that reminded me of how I imagined certain story settings when I was younger.

Gadfly was wicked and the King for all intents and purposes... was just old and tired I believe.

I know I’m missing a lot of characters but all of them regardless of their part, they were exactly what the story needed.

I wish there were more to Rook’s story. I wish we knew more about Gadfly and why he did the things he did. I wish we knew more about the courts and hunts and the Fair folk powers and history. But I’ll have to make do with some enchantments here some craft there and some blood & ravens thrown in between.

Recommend this to everyone who enjoys unique writing and simple yet magical beautiful worlds.

4=genious crying


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