2015 KPop Faves

Favorite KPop Songs

Again, these will be songs I've found out about this year, be them new releases or old releases!!
Take a peek >___<
Listen/Watch either the youtube official MV's IF both the music video & the song are favorites BUT if that's not the case then I'll post a video from a favorite channel containing the song-or-live performance.

---> Call Me Baby by EXO 

(Comeback song of my all-time FAVORITE Kpop boy band/group. Also, I like both the Korean and Mandarin version but here's the Korean one. The kind of bridge that the song has right when Baekhyun starts singing alone and then Kai, Chen and D.O. join him?! PERFECTION!!
I love the dance and the feeling of the entire song and music video!)

---> Hurt by EXO

(I have this song on repeat every single day... I regret nothing! It's too good to be true, this song. And KAI sings a LOT in this one, FYI in case he's your bias or something.
I cannot get enough of this performance or song alike. I just can't!!!!)

---> Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet 

(It's kind of creepy how much I like this song!!)

---> Crazy by 4MINUTE 

(Addictive addictive music right here!!! It was the FIRST song AND music video I saw of them!)

---> Promise by EXO 

(There's still no official audio of this one, although... If the repackaging is happening I hope it makes the cut! It's so heartbreakingly beautiful I can't even! Thank you Lay for this song!! I love every second of it!)

---> EOEO by UNIQ (유니크)

(I just recently found out about this group hehe. Sexy dance!!)

---> GOD by Jimin N J.Don

(First time I ever see these two... Will have to look more into them hehehe.)

---> Cry Again by DAVICHI

(Like seriously, all their songs are amazing but I didn't really want to become a hardcore fan until recently. The music videos almost always are too perfect!! ALL-THE-FEELS!!!)

---> Two Lovers by DAVICHI feat. 

---> 백지영 (Baek Z Young) - 새벽 가로수길 (With 송유빈)


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