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Currently Reading

I still cannot get over how amazing and heartwrenching Shiver was! so I'm re-reading it now! Ultraviolet's been a really weird yet fantastic read so far!:D

Book Trailers US vs. UK

So I found out the trailer for the US version of Angel; Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly today and couldn't help sharing it!:D but then I found that there was another trailer for when her book was published in the UK (she lives there) so I thought I'd post the 2 and see wich one you like better:D

This is the UK trailer

This is the US trailer

I know I love the US trailer better but the UK version gives more away from the book!;D
I have the UK cover of the book but might order the US it's amazing!!

Passion Book Trailer by Lauren Kate

Fan of the Fallen series by Lauren Kate?
check out the official book trailer for her 3rd book Passion coming out this june!:D  here's the link to the video!

Thanks to facebook HERE I AM!

Here I am introducing BookPics & myself to this new blog thing with no knowledge of it whatsoever! T-T

I really beg of you to bear with me since I didn't even know how to start a blog to begin with--- and I'm also not sure if I'll update here as well as my facebook page BookPics BUT!!
I will run the contests and giveaways here from now on!

so come join and share or whatever it is that you do on blogs!!

would you like me to update here as well? make reviews post my pictures and stuff??