-reread thoughts- My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent

This was the first out of all the Soul Screamers books that I reviewed.
And my heart jumped and 'bruised my sternum' as Rachel writes, when SHE HERSELF linked her followers and shared my review. She thought it funny ^_^ which threw me over the moon -again- as if the book wasn't enough. So if you'd like to read my -really raw- review, I wrote it before becoming a blogger, here's the LINK.

Oh this was a sweet read. A piece of heaven. A really nightmarish piece of heaven. But still.
I found myself, more often than not, wondering why in the clouds I hadn't noticed all the hints that Rachel put, all the pieces of bread she threw for us to follow...

I love this book's Kaylee so very much. I love love love her!
Oh Nash~sighs~ Even after ALL I still rooted for you. I believed and shouted and cried out and did all things a book-reader girl could possibly do to cheer on a fictional character.
Em, I LOVE that you take part of this book so much! Your reaction at the end when you were told what happened and all the truths? PRICELESS and still, you are the best friend a person can have. I love everything about you. Simply my favorite character.
Tod, oh dear Reaper of mine. I saw those swirling irises and noticed what a certain other didn't so don't worry...there's more to come for you. But first I have to thank you and hate you ^_^ for making me thank you hehe -does that make sense?- I KNOW that part of what Tod's character said to Kay was for his benefit...I can't and couldn't help but think that way, after all, everything's valid in war&love right? But I think you made her open up to options, options she never even thought existed, but that obviously lead to...~I'm such a teaser~

All the adults, Harmony always being my favorite, I hold them dear to my heart. I have to say yet again how I LOVE Rachel for coming up with the adults *-* and making their characters fit perfectly in the story.

I couldn't write this and leave Avari behind...could I?
I'm more than terrified of him, I can't believe how much he wants Kay and how far he's willing to go to snatch her away from this side of the world. He's so cold -literally- and dark...like black ice. And this reread just reinforced my thoughts that he is definitely one of the creepiest and wickedest beings I've ever read of. 
-Hats off for all the troubles and snares and tactics and plans you come up with just to make Kay/Nash's lives even more miserable than they already are.-

Mara, which in my country has a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MEANING, I owe you an apology too, I can't believe how much I HATED you the first time I read about you! So I apologize because, this time I didn't hate you as much. 
The mara, oh you guys, you'll either LOVE or HATE the mara, there really is no other path. But, let me get one thing straight, she'll read your worst and deepest fears and use them against you without a seconds thought. 
At the same time. I have to admit that I like the mara's character WAY more than Sophie's. Sophie still hasn't grown on me and liking better a nightmare than her, wow I never thought that such a sentence could be possible but here I am saying exactly that.

Anyway. I have little things that I'd like to point out in favor of Rachel's writing.
-This seems to be one of the series in which the characters EAT *-* I know a lot others say that they're hungry or stuff like that but I LOVE Kay's addiction to coke and Harmony's to baking and Emma's to junk food.
-They make homework even if they use the 5 minutes left for a tardy bell. Balance school and netherworld ;)

In conclusion;
Suspicious swirling eyes and NOT from the hazel ones we'be become used to.
Nightmares that feed on your fears.
Boyfriends or kind-of boyfriends or used-to-be boyfriends needing something that you cannot give.
Wanting something that apparently you do NOT need.
More suspicious swirling eyes.
Hot older-than-your-mother friends being possessed.
Someone tied to a bed. -Make what you want out of that one-
A full-on Envy attack on East High that seems to be driving everyone crazy, bones are broken, school property is vandalized, cafeterias are trashed.
Gooey black/green acid as hair. 
And finally, the courage that Kaylee has, holding to a strength that she barely has, trying her best to trust what might not be trust-able EVER again, drinking coke, tired to her very bones and still have the energy to care for EVERYONE, nightmare and silly-cousin included.
Envy is a greedy nightmarish thing that cannot be trusted.

This are my reread thoughts and my rating still stands :D
-Remember I'm rereading this series for the SSRC you can still sign up by clicking on the button on the sidebar-


  1. This series is one I've been wanting to read for AGES! I even have book 1 on my shelf all dusty haha. Great review! :)

  2. @Giselle
    :O ~insert huge gasp~ I'm willing to move up Divergent on my reading pile if YOU move this series up on yours ;)

  3. So, what does "mara" mean in your country?

  4. @Rachel
    It means 'Gang' or a when you refer to a bunch of friends you say 'Hey Mara'

  5. OMG, Alba! I haven't started MSTS yet and you've got me soooo nervous! The Mara? As if Avari isn't scary enough?! And Tod? Ooooh! I want to remain Team Nash so bad, but Tod has begun to "steal" my heart away. Can't wait to dive in! And how cool are you to to have Rachel V on your blog commenting, yet again!?!? Awesome review, love! ~Shells

  6. @Bella
    YEY! Then my job here is done. :D ^_^ nope...a Mara is waiting for you :D
    *-* lol Tod is just THAT special and oh Nash *___*
    Hope you enjoy!!!!
    T_____________T I screamed and cried when I saw the notification email *-* she's too awesome for words!
    Thanks! Though it definitely is NOT a review, just thoughts on my rereading experience :D


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