-Blogoversary- Quick Question Attack with Author Daisy Whitney

Another day, another guest!
Today we have the AMAZING author of the AMAZING book The Mockingbirds which I've already read and reviewed HERE.
Daisy Whitney
I met Daisy over a year ago and I couldn't believe how approachable she was and still is! She's really awesome and takes the time to check all the comment/stalkings I make on her page hehehe. So when I suddenly out of nowhere asked her if she could do this she said YES! Can you believe it? I was over the moon!!! Thanks to her I won one of my very first SIGNED books by an author whose books I AM COMPLETELY ADDICTED TO, Gayle Forman author of 'If I Stay' and 'Where She Went'.
Well on to what you're here for.
I did a 5-quick-question-attack to Daisy and here are her answers.

1. Hi Daisy!! Thanks for letting me interview you on such a short
notice! And Welcome to BookPics! (When I send the questions to her I was reading -> The Mockingbirds) and loving each bit of it
and I was wondering...do you have any books coming out soon? If so,
can you share a bit about it/them
or is it still TOP SECRET?
I'm glad you're liking THE MOCKINGBIRDS! The sequel, THE RIVALS,
released earlier this year, and my next young adult is a standalone
called WHEN YOU WERE HERE. That comes out from Little Brown in Spring
2013 and it's about a teenage boy who travels to Tokyo to uncover the
secrets surrounding the death of his mother all while trying to hold
onto and let go of the girl he's been in love with his whole life.
It's about big loss and big love. I'm also working with Bloomsbury on
contemporary fantasy and my first YA fantasy will release in Fall
2013. It's called STARRY NIGHTS, it's set in Paris and it's a cross
between Night at the Museum and Shakespeare in Love.

2. Are you currently reading something, what is it about? Would you
recommend it?
I just finished Kendare Blake's ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD and it was an
awesome, badass book that I would recommend to anyone. I loved it!

3. Tell us your favorite quote! Why is it your favorite?
My favorite quote is from the song La Vie Boheme in Rent when Mark
sings "To riding your bike mid-day past the three-piece suits." To me,
that sentiment is why I work the way I work - running my own business,
working from home, writing novels - so I can have the freedom to walk
my dog in the middle of the day, to take an afternoon off and play
with kids, to live my life the way I want. That, and I plan to never
own a suit.

4. What's the funniest thing a reader or blogger has ever asked you?
What kind of snack food I would be.

5. Finally! Describe yourself in 3 words!
Happy. Precise. Sparkly.

Thank you so much Daisy!! That was fun!! 
I can't wait to read The Rivals and 'When You Were Here' hehehehehe and you definitely ARE sparkly!
T_T But...really thank you, I mean it <333

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