Armchair BEA-Let's Talk Networking!

Day 3 on ABEA!!
Are you guys having fun?!
I sure am!! I've unleashed my stalker-persona all over the book-blogger-community :D I bet I've drop by your blog by now :D

But today we're talking all about...

This means;
Share your positive experiences of using your blog to get involved in your community. This can involve partnerships with the local literary scene, attending author events and signings, or getting together with bloggers in your area.
First of all, if you still down know where I am from I think you should check out THIS post...

Now that THAT'S been cleared out.

See? That's me almost 24/7. Lately not so much because I spend WAY too much surfing the internet and stuff. Plus I just cut my hair a couple of weeks ago and dyed it :D But. Here's the thing:

My country, the WHOLE of it, doesn't grow up with anyone telling us to read, we don't have libraries, we don't have bookstores to bring to us the latest YA releases or ANY new releases, they only bring the ones that sell the best AND they bring-mostly-translated books which means...

Translated english-spanish book = Me not even glancing at it 
Translated english-spanish book = Double the $$ from the original book

(I'm sorry I keep showing the same crappy picture of the bookstore but I haven't been able to sneak a camera inside and take one of the whole store, but if you were wondering... Yes that one right there is A bookstore T_T )

Also, I'm 100% sure I am one of the only 2 bloggers here in my country, I know the other blogger but we live 2 hours away from each other and I have never met her :( but we do exchange a lot on the network.

I think that by now you've already concluded what I'm about to tell you, but we don't get any authors to come here and do events, signings and the likes. Though... Once upon a time a really known hispanic author came -Isabel Allende- but I missed the event, it was TOO expensive :'(

That is why I'm happy as I am on the network. I don't have ANY friends that like to read what I read IRL. There aren't any book clubs here I could attend, people-almost always-prefer to read in spanish, something I don't enjoy, I'm more of a read-it-in-the-language-it-was-originally-written kid of girl, plus I AM IN LOVE WITH ENGLISH! 
But to top it all, even my family doesn't like me reading that much...

Suddenly facebook happened, and then I had a book page and then I had a blog, I made a twitter account even though I'm still too shy to tweet authors or even bloggers out there... I always feel so intimidated! They have years doing this whereas I've just reached my 1 year!

But here comes the fun part :D
Slowly, very very very slowly, I've made some kind of name here in my country. My local blogger friend discusses books with her sis -winkwink- they rock! And then their friends discuss books and on and on...while here at home... my sisters started to get curious-er and curious-er, asking why was I screaming at the top of my lungs that night, or why did I cry when I skyped with certain author, or why did I smile a whole week without pause, to which I usually responded... "I just read this book and it was..."
They started asking about how I did what I do...they got EVEN more curious than curious-er :D

I told them all about the amazing bloggers I get to 'meet', the amazing people that share my obsession with books, the OH CLOUDS! that are my book angels! :D -Yes I have book angels-
On and on they asked...

Suddenly... the UNTHINKABLE happened!


This is my 12 year-old sis :D
I was so proud of her I just HAD to take the picture!
She's still learning english, that's why I just SMILED like a silly-happy person when I saw her with this!
And, my 19 year-old sis...
She thinks I ruined her for life, which was kind of depressing until she told me the WHY of it...

She's gotten a like for Paranormal Romance and nonYA books like you have NO idea! :D Want to guess which author convinced her and brought her to the bookish side?
Yeap, that one exactly.
Jeaniene Frost and her Night Huntress series!

I've made so many amazing friends online, I've meet the most amazing and giver people here. They've all made me feel so welcome, so happy, so at home, so loved, so special that there is NO way I would trade them for anything! I love them each and every single one... There is something that each has done for me, whatever little or small... I'm a kind of detail-obsessive persona, and believe me... something you SAID or GAVE me or DID for me... it all's in here-points to heart- and here -points to head- I NEVER forget...

And before I start bawling...

I'll leave you with the MIRACLES that I -smiles proudly- with my begging and begging and stalking and asking and stalking some more, have made happen in the bookstore I regularly visit and from which I usually buy my books... I swear to you guys, they're TIRED of me, they always roll their eyes, trying and failing to hide said eye roll from me, they sigh, and they get all fidgety because they know that I take AGES to buy a single book!

All these were brought to the country thanks to ME!
So... BEHOLD my PRECIOUS! -sorry they're so blurry, but they don't let anyone take pictures T_T-

So that's my story. 
I'm happy as it is with the people I've 'met' all throughout the year I've been blogging.
I look up to a certain specific blogger while I stalk others...
And I love that I always have someone to talk about books right HERE waiting to share their love of books as well!

Wouldn't have it any other way :D 


  1. What a wonderful posting! It just goes to show that one person can make a difference!! Well Done!
    You have achieved alot...oh and just quietly I do understand your Sis love of Jeaniene Frost..Yes Bones, beautiful Bones...* sigh* ... I love meeting people like you, you are very inspirational!!



    1. Thank you!!!! ~sobs~ thanks so much!!!
      I've tried REALLY hard, believe me!
      hahaha Oh I LOVE Jeaniene too!!! >.< I presented her with the books :P
      ~sighs~ Oh Bones...when will you be mine? :P

      Thank you so VERY much! And nice meeting you too :)

  2. Oh, Alba, what a beautiful post!!! I love it that you finally got your sisters to read! Maybe now you can have someone right there with you to swoon over the books you love - in addition to all of us, of course. :D

    Seriously, you should be extremely proud for getting all those amazing books to your bookstore!!! That's quite the accomplishment! Gosh, and don't get me started on that - I take forever, and I mean FOREVER, when I happen to stumble upon a bookstore. It doesn't happen very often, so when I do I'm all kinds of overwhelmed. *lol*

    1. Really??? :D Thanks!!! I know right?? Though one reads more than the other, and she doesn't like to read my YA books at all :/
      ^_^ sometimes I gush to her...even though she doesn't pay any attention hehehehe.

      >.< I squealed when I saw they had finally given in and brought the books!! :D
      I know right? We should go book-shopping together then!! :D

  3. What a great post!! I love that you've inspired your sisters to read! And bringing amazing authors like Rachel Vincent and Lili St. Crow to your bookstores is very impressive! You go girl!

    Here are my posts so far for Armchair BEA:

    Day 1 | Introduction
    Day 2 | Best of 2012
    Day 2 | Giveaway | Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
    Day 3 | Networking

    1. Thank you so much! I'm happy they read now!
      Thanks! I teared up when I saw the books there!! ~high fives~

      I'll go and continue stalking :D

  4. I love your enthusiasm for books and life. I think it's a fantastic job that you're bringing those books to bookstores. You have a right to be proud :)

    You're a bit like me - I've pushed several books onto my sisters. They used to get annoyed that every birthday, Christmas and random gifts would be books that I wanted them to read and love as much as I do.

    I'm glad for ArmchairBEA and for the chance to get to meet people like you :)

    - Kate

    1. Oh, I can be REALLY enthusiastic when books are concerned :D hehe :D Thank you!!! :D And I AM!!

      Really?!! ~sister power!~ They didn't like me to give them books at all! Until late last year :D Hope they continue to enjoy books!!

      Me too!! Can't believe I almost missed my chance! I'm glad too!! :D got some more blogs to stalk now! ~winkwink~

  5. It has to be so hard to be where it's hard to get books! It's so great that you keep going and it's awesome that you get to share your love with your sisters! Anyways I know I'm really glad I met you online! =) Great post Alba!

    1. It is! I sometimes get really really blue and depressed because I see all the other people here in the blogosphere with newly released books and stuff while I continue to struggle to bring books that were released last year or before ^_^
      Thanks! :D

      Me too Hannah :D Thanks so very much!

  6. That is awesome you got those books in your book store and that you have shared your love of reading with your sisters!!

    1. I know! >.< I still cannot believe either thing has happened!

  7. This is such a great post. It is inspiring. It also puts things in perspective. When I think my city being limited on book experiences, this really shows me how lucky I am. =)

    The Flashlight Reader

    1. BELIEVE ME! You are WAY WAY luckier! :D
      :D Be thankful hehehehe :P

  8. You sound like you're a community in and of yourself! And who says you didn't network - working that closely with your bookstore is definitely networking! And kudos for you for getting them to order Hourglass!

    Here's my Armchair BEA Networking Post!!

    1. Bwahahaha I don't feel like it at all!! hehehehe :D
      I don't work with the bookstore as STALK them :D I just beg them nonstop :)
      Thanks! I own it now thanks to my begging!

  9. You ROCK!!!! I love your enthusiasm :-)


  10. Love being online too. That's were I have LOTS of friends.


  11. I think it is so great that you are passing on your love of reading to your sister!! Most of my friends are online too and I am happy with that most of the time! I hope that more opportunities open up for you so meet more readers and authors!

    1. :D Both my sisters can't believe they like reading now ^_^

      I hope that too!! Believe me!

  12. I LOVE this post!!!! Alba we all love you <3 Im so happy to have you as my friend and dont ever want you to change :) xoxo

    1. Thanks!! <3333 I love you all too!!! *-*
      Me too!! ~hugs~ I don't want you to change either! You're perfect as you are!

  13. that is awesome that you've made a difference with your sis and with the bookstore.
    Check out my Day 4 post if you haven’t already

    1. :)
      I'll see if I haven't read it yet :D

  14. It's so amazing to hear what a great influence you are on your family and friends. Spreading the love of reading is the best thing ever Alba.

    And getting your bookstore to carry all those book... YOU ROCK!

    I'm so glad you decided to not just be a FB page blogger and start your own. I love being able to check out your posts - though videos won't load up on my MAC. Have to wait until I'm on my PC.

    And yes you are a total book pusher, because of Ashfall AND TBF. Must move those up in my list for sure!

    Happy Happy ABEA!

    1. ^_________^ It was and still is a long bumpy road hehehe :D

      T______T I know!!! I mean Rachel V!! AND Kelley A!!! can't get any better than that!!!

      :) YEY!!! Thank you so VERY much!! ~gasp~ I'm not loving your MAC :(

      ~evil laugh~ that's my purpose in life bwahahahaha.
      I mean it though! READ TBF and Ashfall PLEASE!!!!!

      Thanks!!!!Happy indeed


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