Independence Day Photography-Countdown!

Many of you know where I'm from... but if you don't you're always welcome to take a peek at what it is like this country I call home :D on THIS POST.

And I was just remembering the other day that next week is our independence day celebration...
It's all kinds of funny, scary, curious, maddening, and simply... ours... this celebrations here...

Now, I'll be honest and say I'm not the most patriotic person nor will I ever be... But I thought I'd celebrate this important event in a really ME way.

This coming week I'll be posting daily pictures that showcase sides of my country that many might not know.
They're all random but they're all places, from touristic to job areas and some others that might fit in between those.
Pictures will all be ones I have taken. And I don't think I'll edit any... Who knows hehehe :D 

On other news, I'm reading a lot lately too so maybe that's why I haven't posted like I've wanted to...
No worries though, I've still got some rookie reviews I have to post...

I think that's it...

Oh...the picture-posting will end Sept. 15th the very day of all the mayhem.

Hope you enjoy!! I sure as clouds did when I took all those pictures :D

[I take NO credit for this picture. Taken from this site.]


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