Independence Day Photography -Day 1-

As I told you on my last post.

He's for a week full of pictures :D Pictures of my country and pictures I took with either too much enthusiasm or that were taken out of nowhere. You know me, always freaking out over every little thing and getting excited over nothing :D
Hope you enjoy!!!

1 day is all about,

Salvadorian NATURE!
Take a look ;)

I WON'T even try to describe each and every single one of them, I told you before, this is going to be ALL about pictures.

Hope you liked and be sure to stop by tomorrow tuesday... It's going to be ALL about our FOOD!!!

See ya when I see ya! Which roughly translated means, hopefully, tomorrow ^_________^


  1. Oh Alba, what beautiful, stunning pictures!!! I can't believe you have all this right outside your front door. Amazing!!! I especially love the picture of the yellow and red flowers. So pretty! :)

    And all the photographs with the water and greenery and, gosh, they are all gorgeous!!!

    I can't wait to see what other pictures you'll be posting this week. :)

    1. Thanks ~blush~ >.<
      Most of them, everything's so close together here :D
      oooh Thanks!! I was thinking of posting more pictures that were of flowers only... maybe next time? >.<

      :D Thanks!!
      So happy you liked them!


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