Saturday, May 31, 2014

-BookPics Is Curious- Traveling Books?

So, I've been thinking.

If you love, like, and can travel and are a booklover just like most of us, how do you pick which books are coming on the trip with you and which aren't. (Remember we're talking printed editions here since I know eBook readers are kind of on demand right now I still like to take with me one or 6 hehehe depending on the period of time I'm going to be away from home. Anyway, PRINTED books people ^_^ )

I'm a stinker for rereads. If there is one thing that keeps me from reading new books is the fact that I can't get over my book hangovers... Specially if it's a book that's the last in a series or if it's a standalone book or idk, I have tons of reasons why I read and read the same book over and over again and never get tired of it.

So, if I love rereading books, how in the world am I expected to pick books to take with me for a long period of time away from home?

Simple, I don't take them. Out of all the books that are close to my heart and that if you were to see them you'd actually be able to tell how loved they've been... Well, I'm terrified of losing them or of them getting even more damaged than they already are, I'm even afraid of me forgetting them somewhere in the airport, I only ONLY pick ONE. Because I imagine all kinds of weird scenarios so I, always, have a hard time choosing which reread I'll take with me on a trip.

Then comes the even harder part.
How many printed books to take and which ones?
Of course if I ask my sisters they'd tell me to take any as long as I haven't read them. Huh, easy for them to say.
Me? I think, if I take this contemporary I might burst into tears in this 6 hour-long flight and that's a no for me, specially since I love the window seat and I'd have to be asking the one person sitting next to me to let me go through so that I can go to the restroom. So that's a no.
If it's a first in a series... What if I love it so much and I just HAVE to HAVE the one that comes afterwards? (We're talking series that have 2 or more published books already and which I own.) I'd give in and buy another copy even if I already have a copy back home...
That's another no for me.

See where I'm going here?
It's TORTURE for me to decide which books I'm taking with me and which will have to stay home.
Add to that the fact that the plan, this time, was for me to be here until December and you have me all over the place.

1. I'm not staying until December (long story involving a college sucking big time.)
2. I brought 6 books with me in the end and 3 of them I'd already read although 1 of those 3 I seriously need to reread because I can't, for the love of me, remember what happens in the story.
3. 3 of the 6 are from the same series.
4. Of course I brought my kindle app and ibooks. You're kidding me right?!
5. I couldn't read ANYTHING while in the plane.
6. I haven't completed reading ANY of the books I brought.
7. I got 5 more books from a friend while in LA.
8. I got 2 more books from an author.
9. I bought books while in LA.
10. I've got too many books now for me to be able to take them with me in my bags T___T WHAT TO DO!
(Shipping is TOO expensive!!)


What about you guys?!
How do you decide which books to take with you when you're going on a trip be it a long distance-international trip or a short one...

Are you always carrying books around with you? If so, how many?

Any tips on how to pick books to take with you while traveling internationally? hehehehe (remember I'm still talking about printed books.)

I'm curious! :D

Sunday, May 25, 2014

-BookPics Is Curious- Canada&USA ¿Seriously?

I seriously seriously shouldn't even say I'm a blogger anymore!!

It's been FOREVER since I posted and I feel awful.

Not because I haven't posted but because I have so much to say and I haven't taken the time to actually write it down somewhere, anywhere. And then of course comes the part where I completely forgot about my blogoversary last month and this month as well so I might as well just cry in a corner for the rest of my life.

I'm so so sorry -pets blog- my life has been completely and utterly hectic this year working on some paperwork and then moving and then moving again and traveling and dreaming and dreaming some more that I haven't even had the chance to read much which simply put, sucks.

I miss blogging. I miss rambling on and on about silly things and not so silly things.

I miss sharing with the world my thoughts on books I loved or didn't love that much, I miss stalking my favorite authors so much!! I miss stalking my favorite blogs and my favorite bookish friends T_T I miss miss miss you so freaking much is ridiculous.

This has to stop now.

If there's one thing I've learned ever since coming here to Vancouver is that... Life isn't always going the way you thought it was going to go when you made a decision or when you went this or that way.

Yes I love writing and reading but I love languages too, yes I don't like my country that much but now I love it and miss it. Yes I am complete book geek yet I haven't even read 50 books this year (which I should have by now) yes I'm lazy (a lot) but I miss working with my dad, yes I hate HATE the heat and 8 freaking months of summer we get in my country but now I freak out because I rarely see the sky anymore, so many grey clouds and no rain here in Vancouver...

So yeah, life isn't always what it seems and I've learned so much from that. I'm so thankful to God and my parents for supporting me in my decision to come to Canada. Really I am.

But... But...

I NEED to get back to doing my thing. Need to get back to reading and reviewing and writing. I MISS MISS writing the most.

I don't know how many more times I'll post about this and when I'll actually do it. But what better time than the present right?

I'll give it my best to try and build my blog back up, to come back to reviewing, to post more, to try to promote more my favorite authors, to do what I've always done and do even more now!!

The one good thing about me being absent for so long?

I've gotten to know so many places!!
I went to freaking Los Angeles, California!!! T___T oh my god!! I finally got to meet a BookAngel of mine!!! Went to Barnes & Noble!! T_T First time EVER there and it was heaven!!!
Then I've been flying and I LOVE LOVE flying so it's been heaven heaven heaven!!! Then I came to Canada and I've gotten on Buses and SkyTrains and METROS and oh my god!! I've done things I never thought I'd do because of my shyness and clumsiness...

One thing though, I have a TERRIBLE sense of direction. I got lost in a mall... Really? -_- A MALL.
Anyways, I went to Chapters which is the equivalent (for me) of a B&N here in Canada, stayed for 2 hours to buy one book :D And also committed an epic fail when I didn't buy a signed book of the last Lunar Chronicles series...

Now I really really REALLY want to go to Oregon to this big bookish event happening on the 31st of this month and I don't have anyone to go with T_T And since I'm kind of, well, not kind of, I'm TERRIFIED of going alone I need to make up my mind of how the clouds I plan on getting there... IF I actually decide to go alone.


Crazy crazy hectic hectic.



(forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes, not proofreading this because if I do I might add another 5 paragraphs or so hehehehe or 5 pages more which is so not good if I actually want anyone reading the whole post.)

Here's for the fangirling coming back!!!!!