-review- Execution by Lucia Franco (Off Balance #2)


"You're missing out. My book is forbiddenish."

Look... there’s not gentle way to say this. So I’ll just go ahead and say it like I feel it okay?

Read this freaking book. I mean. Go ahead, buy the first one, devour it, then come here... get this and and slowly, gently... coax its words into your brain.
Romantically let it engage you, let it lie to you.
Let it wrap it’s thorn-ed fingers around you, your heart & mind, and consciously let it unhurriedly but surely start to squeeze... Feel the burn. Feel the hurt. Feel the pain. Feel the blood well up on your sides...
Welcome the agony and the torture and the delicious interims that make you think everything is going just fine that everything will be just fine.

And still, you’ll continue bleeding and hurting but it won’t matter because those thorns feel good and secure around you. And you won’t ever want them to let go.

And when the ending comes and you’re about to pass out because you can’t take any more?

Then you’ll be ripped from the dream and left hanging.

-If I can feel it, they can see it.-

What’ll happen??

Will you live? Will you be able to survive the thorns?
What about blood loss? What about all the psychological sheet that can come after such a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions?

What about


You won’t know.

Because... guess what?

The author is a closeted sadists that just LOVES punishing her readers for no other reason than she loves to inflict pain on others.

And that’s it.

I can’t.
I’m wrung dry.

I have no feelings left to feel and write about.

-I drew in a deep, clean breath and exhaled the bullsh*t.-

How can one person be able to write a review of this book after EVERYTHING that he/she just read?


I always get invested in the books I love. But this one.


Just wow.

Thank you for writing this sequel dear author. This absolutely perfect sequel.

If I could give it a million stars rating I would.

Wait... I can ;)

And because I love to torture people into reading a book (by way of teasers, what were you thinking you nasty people -_- ?) here you have it... make of it what you will ;)

"Ahhh," Kova moaned huskily, his head tilting back. "I like this," he said, looking back down at me.

10(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.