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Welcome lovelies!!
Today's my stop on the Gold blog tour and I couldn't be happier!! The very brave and magic main character, Brianna, is dropping by to answer some a LOT of questions.

If you've no idea who I'm talking about well, lets just say you're really missing out.

Silver was Talia Vance's debut book last year and it made my top 20 reads of 2012 what with how she brilliantly wrote about a certain Bandia and let us not forget that she has made me fall over and over again with 2 different boys, plus she is so lucky in the book cover department! Would you check those covers out?! I love how the both go with their respective content and the tittle for each of the books is just PERFECT!

So, I'll just leave you with a little info about the book and we shall get to the interview. Worry not, the giveaway is featured at the end of the post so try and don't miss it ;)

Bandia #2
Goodreads description:
Descended from an Irish demigod, Brianna has fled to Ireland to escape destruction at the hands of her sworn enemies, the Sons of Killian. Taking refuge at the estate of her former nemesis, Austin Montgomery, Brianna discovers a rift in time that opens to an era before the feud began.

Wrestling with her newfound feelings for the more innocent Austin, Brianna begins to wonder if she can alter the past. But when Brianna and Austin learn that the Sons are raising an army of mythical beasts, the pair will need to use their magical strength in the present to avoid a tragic end.

Hey Brianna! Thanks so much for taking the time to be with us today! Hope you’re good ;) Though after the ending in G... O____O I really... Okay, never mind.

1. I’m currently reading Gold so I feel like I’ve known you for a while now but for those here who don’t know you, could you introduce yourself? Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing OR not wearing your bracelet right now ;) So, don’t be shy.

I’m seventeen year old girl from California who is about to start my senior year of high school. I ride and show horses, and love science and math. Oh, and I’m also the seventh generation descendant of an Irish Goddess, with control of air, fire, water and earth, a would-be soldier in a battle between the gods and the Milesians for control of the earth.

2. I know I’m being kind of mean right now, what with all your suffering and betrayal and lies and stuff but I’ve got to ask. Gold or Silver? Silver or Gold? Which is your favorite color? OR least favorite?

My favorite color is blue. Just kidding, but that is a hard question. If you asked me a few months ago, I wouldn’t have hesitated, but so much has happened since then, that I really don’t like to think about either one. 

3. Have you gotten the chance to know Talia? Or is she a complete stranger to you? If you do know her how would you describe your relationship with her? Is it an easy one?


4. Throughout Silver, we get to see your love for horses, for riding. Which would you say is the PERFECT name to give to a horse?

The perfect name for a horse is the name that fits the horse, so it depends. I once knew a horse named Buckey- a palomino who was prone to bucking, and a pony named Massey, whose tail was always a mass of knots no matter how many times it was brushed. 

5. I know this is asked in one of the books but not to you so I’m curious, do you believe in love at first sight? Why?

I think that there are people that we have an immediate connection with, and those people are special and should never be taken for granted. But I think that love is something that has to be earned. I didn’t always think that, but I do now. 

6. What is the one thing you wish you could’ve done differently in Silver?

So many things! But mostly I wish I had hung on to that damn bracelet. Every time. 

7. What’s the one thing you wish you could do repeatedly, over and over and over again in Gold?

Kiss Austin. Did I just say that? Yes. Yes, I did. 

8. You once said that your weakness was the girl in you, do you still think that, after everything that has happened?

No. I think my humanity is what keeps me grounded. There has to be a balance between self-preservation and empathy. The girl in me may still end up getting me killed, but I would rather be dead than a heartless killer. 

9. If you could be another person, anyone in the world, for one day. Who would you want to be? Why?

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that everyone has their own burdens to carry, and I’m not sure that anyone has it any better or worse than me. But if I could be anyone, I would like to try being Albert Einstein so I could better understand quantum theory and maybe find a way to change things. 

10. My questions have been random mostly because I want to keep people guessing as to what exactly we’re talking about, so forgive the randomness :D Anyway, Are you in love now? Really, really in love? (Remember that I haven’t finished reading Gold so I don’t know what happens so no spoilers!)

I am and I always will be. 

11. Finally, I’ve been bugging Talia about how much she has made me suffer with Gold (Oh my god I’m loving and hating it at the same time!) Should I be worried? Can you give us a teaser as to what we can expect at the end of Gold?

I really can’t. It hurts too much to think about it.

12. Ohhh!! I almost forgot Blake or Arawn? LOL! Just kidding ;)

Thanks Brianna!!! You ALMOST answered all of my questions but, interesting interesting interesting you get more interesting to me by the minute... Anyway.
Thank you Talia for letting us borrow some time from your awesomesouce main character that I’m sure, must’ve put up a fight before she gave in to give the interview since well... I just can't.
But thank you both, so much ;)

About the Author

Talia Vance is a practicing litigation attorney living in Northern California with her real life love interest, two-point-five kids, and a needy Saint Bernard named Huckleberry.

Talia has been writing since she could talk, making up stories for every doll, stuffed animal and action figure she could get her hands on. She grew up hoping to write the great American novel, but her life ran more along the lines of tortured romance and fast paced thrillers, so that’s what she writes.
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About book #1

Bandia #1
Goodreads Shortie:

Discovering she is descended from Danu, the legendary Bandia of Celtic myth, Brianna finds herself questioning the truth of who she is. And when she accidentally binds her soul to Blake, their mutual attraction becomes undeniable.

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  1. Talia sounds to me like Gold a tale of Irish before the family feud started that Brianna and Austin have to confront. I really liked your interview and your love for horses shows, I like how you discussed horses names, we had one many years ago that was called Gray, cause my mom names her after her being old and having grey hair. was fun.


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