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I'm seriously no good with anything that has to do with keeping up with all the "Follow" options that are out there for us all bloggers...


Apparently this time is kind of a big deal the thing that google has decided to do...
From what I've read there's only been news about them taking gReader down... I haven't read anything about GFC though...


I don't know if any of you follow me via that... But if you do I'm afraid it won't be working, at some point this year. And I've seen some blogs I follow start spreading around the blogosphere this site they've found where you can go ahead and follow blogs after this whole google thing.

So, if you're interested in continuing following my blog after gReader goes away... Or if you're new and you want to start following...

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But sometimes I'm not there to share my blog posts so for now Bloglovin and Email are the best ways if you're still up to stalk my weird blog and persona :D

Until another weird blog post :D

-Side Note-

I read Beautiful Disaster...
I liked it ;)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

-BookPics is Curious- Books That'll Kill Me When I Read Them

Well... I won't ramble today instead I'll get right to it...
(Some just released today/yesterday and some have long been released and others have yet to be released.)

-With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent (Soul Screamers #7)

I cannot believe this is the LAST book T_T The FREAKING last book of a series that changed my reading experience completely, the series that got me back to reading after a long funk, the series that made me fall in love with the guy I least expected to, the series that... Has no equal.

There has NEVER EVER been a series as this one and I know there NEVER will.
Rachel Vincent, thank you so much for giving YA a chance and for writing characters I feel strongly for, for writing as creepy and as beautifully as you do and for making me root for the guy I never thought I'd root for.

Thank you. Thank You!
I know I'll die when I read this.
And I know a piece of my heart will forever be saved to store away my love and admiration for you and your books.

Thanks for writing. Keep doing it!

Tod, Nash, Kay, Em... I'm not ready for goodbye but I'm even less ready to try to wait to read your last story chapter.

Wish me luck!

-Lover At Last by J.R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood #11)



We'll finally be able to read B's and Q's story!!!

You have NO idea what this means to me. NONE!

I fell head over heels for Qhuinn since the moment I first read about him... Suffice it to say, when I read about how he... Well, felt towards a certain someone... I was shocked AND amazed and lastly... I wanted him to be happy...

J.R. Ward has created not only a story but a world of danger and love... A world I can never get enough of. A world I would love to live in while at the same time hate hahah.
I fell for Wrath and HARD in the first book... But since then I knew I was a goner for whichever character got his or her own book.

I know I will cry a thousand times while reading this book and even a thousand times more when I finish it... Because even though I have yet to get my copy I'm already dreading reading those final pages...
After all, you only get to read it a first time ONE time T____T

-Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost (Night Prince #1)
-Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost (Night Prince #2)


Read well.



ANYTHING written by Jeaniene Frost WILL be read by me.

And then I'll be forever ruined for all men in the whole freaking universe T_T

-A Touch Menacing by Leah Clifford (A Touch Mortal #3)

LEAH IS CRUEL in the most delicious way!

Which one you ask?

She tortures you while writing.

Her books are extremely unique and so dark and so awesome I shiver just to think of what I'll encounter in this last book of the trilogy.

I do NOT want to say goodbye to this characters that have come to mean so much to me.

I do NOT want to say goodbye to the trilogy that made me meet one of the BEST AUTHORS I've ever had the chance to 'meet' as in, stalking her whenever I feel not so shy.

I can ONLY imagine what the poor kitten suffered while being a character in one of Leah Clifford's books...

Az is forever mine, Eden rocks my world, Gabe holds my heart, and Luke... Well... Luke's Rachels' :D


Leah awesomeness Clifford, thank you for writing such an extremely unique and fresh read. Thanks for traumatizing me. Thanks for killing me more times than I care to count. Thanks for making me cry while laughing at the same time. 

Thanks for everything. Thanks for writing.

Cannot wait to see what's in store for my favorite characters. But I'll die you guys. I KNOW it!

-Shooting Scars by Karina Halle (The Artists Trilogy #2)

I read the first book and was really surprised at my reaction to it.

I read to escape reality. To escape the real world for a couple of hours... But the first book of this trilogy struck too close to reality for my comfort...

But then... came the novella, the prequel... I fell HARD for the characters, I cared for them... Even if it were only 2 characters to care for... I cared deeply and madly for them.

And now that I know a bit more of the backup story... I am impatiently waiting to read this book that is sure going to make me cry and scar me for life in the same second.

New Adult books have been having an up-something lately... But I'm picky with them... They almost always center on the same issues but Karina Halle??

NOOO you guys, author Karina Halle is original. Is completely dark. And is going to kill me slowly bit by slowly bit until there's nothing left of me but a puddle of FEELS!

I'll die and then come back to life just to read the final book in the trilogy! I'm telling you!!

Thanks author Karina Halle, for making me venture out of my comfort zone in reading. Thanks.


-The Seeker by Stephenie Meyer (The Host #2)


With how things ended in The Host... T_T I want to die just thinking about what everyone will have to face and do in this really REALLY long overdue sequel!!


And as always... There are so many more books that I have to add to this never ending list... But these... THESE will kill me.

I know it. I can see how it plays already. My death I mean.

I'll be the first person to die for book-awesomeness overload!!!

-smiles proudly-

Just please have a doc nearby so I can come back and continue dying from the same illness!!!

What books that you have yet to read do you think will kill you when you do??
Read them I mean...

Mention them in the comments ;)


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stacking The Shelves #21 -The Luckiest Bookish Persona Edition-

Stacking The Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews. Where you can post all the books that you're adding to your shelves each week.

Inspired by TST IMMs' posts.


And just when I thought I was the unluckiest girl in the world :D
I remembered I had to showcase what books I've gotten in the last 3 weeks!

Sorry I've taken so long but if you're wondering what I've been up to and why the blog has been somewhat quiet this past week you can always go ahead and check out THIS post :D It talks some about what's been going on on this side :P

Anyway... Let's get to the good stuff T_T

Guys, I feel so definitely lucky right now remembering all the books I've gotten... My sis is amazing! My bookAngels are always the best of best!! And I got me some others which is always perfect!!

*_* Sadly when I went on my trip I couldn't get any ANY books but hey... I came home to one package!!! So that's more than enough for me <333

Here's what will be stacking my shelves this week


-Fuse by Julianna Baggott [Pure #2]
I can't believe the local bookstore FINALY brought the sequel to Pure!! I can't believe they managed to bring a sequel at all!!! T_T They like, repel complete series or something :/
But so excited!! Even though it's the international edition [you know how I am with those editions.] I'm still excited I'll get to read Pure and Fuse back to back :D

-Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick [Hush, Hush #4]
Ummmm -insert silence here- I KNOW I ordered this just last week and it is impossible or at least 99.99% impossible for it to arrive the same week... So I'll have to check if it came from the site I ordered it from almost 5 months ago and from which I got a refund since the book NEVER arrived... Will have to check... And since, as I said before, I ordered it just last week from Book Depo and if THAT order arrives... this book'll go to one of my BookAngels :D Ella!!

-At Grave's End by Jeaniene Frost [Night Huntress #3]
This is the second copy I buy of this book... And I bought it for my sister since it's her all-time favorite out of all the ones in the series... 
Since she was leaving the country I wanted her to have it with her at all times so :)
I'm such a good sister ^_^ 

-Sweep: Volume 1 by Cate Tiernan [Sweep Omnibus Editions #1-3]
AFTER CRYING AND CRYING over the fact that the one copy I had set my sights on once upon a time while visiting my local bookstore got bought before I could buy it T_T I went to another one and BOOM!!!
Thanks so much Diosito!! hahaha I GOT IT!! I'll FINALLY get to read what everyone is talking about!!
Is it good?


-Nuestro Pan Diario
Thanks so much to my mom!!! -hugs-
After months of asking she finally got it for me!

-Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill [Chicagoland Vampires #1]
I don't know HOW this happened!!!??
One minute I was FINALLY able to enter Fiktshun's site and the next I'm stalking her on twitter -SHOCKING!- I know -_- And then... I get all bothered and curious about why exactly it is that she is completely traumatized and addicted to these books...
Next thing I know? She bought this for me????

Aren't I the luckiest bookish, stalking, traumatized person in the whole world?!!!
Rachelita T_T Thanks so much!! CANNOT WAIT!! This is NEXT on my reading pile! Shall I worry about being left hanging at the end or something?!


-The Evolution Of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin [Mara Dyer #2]
I can't even
My BookAngel Nat hosted a giveaway this past February and my awesome friend Ina and I... We both won!!! She got A Touch Morbid by awesome Leah Clifford and I chose THIS ONE!!
I cannot wait but at the same time... I can, you know? I mean... I'm still a little bit traumatized with the first book and haven't been able to get over it.
Thanks so much to my bookAngel Nat!! Love you till the end of time girl!!!!
Seriously though, if you haven't read these books... I completely recommend you do!


-Darkfever by Karen Moning [Fever #1]
This was a gift from my BookAngel Ella to my sis Kat :D
Didn't I tell you guys I have the BEST BookAngels in the WHOLE FREAKING UNIVERSE?!!!
Thanks so much for this! And since it is my sis... It's only natural that it's mine as well... Right?!
-innocent smile- 

-Lothaire by Kresley Cole [Immortals After Dark #12]
-Blood Trinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love [Belador #1]
When my sister went to Panama a couple of days before me, she got the chance to visit a mall and BOOM bought these 2... *_* Doesn't matter that we don't have the previous 11 books of Immortals After Dark lol BUT I'm excited! This means we have to get them ASAP!! And... Blood Trinity?!! *_* Cannot wait!!

-I couldn't buy any books when I went T_T I worked most of the time... Anyways...-
What's hers is mine ;)



-On Every Street by Karina Halle [The Artists Trilogy #0.5]
Bought it. Read it. Traumatized by it. Killed by it.
Enough said.

-Wait For You by J. Lynn 
Thanks to Tammara Webber's Easy, I've been forever turned a NA genre addict!
Can't wait to dive into this one!

-Devoured by Emily Snow [Devoured #1]
I bought the novella, I think it's a prequel, when it was FREE on Kindle... And I was told that book 1 was amazing so... I went ahead and bought it :D
Can't wait!!

-Eternal Starling by Angela Corbett [Emblem of Eternity #1]
I found out about this book a while ago but didn't really took notice of it until last week... When Jean @ Jean Book Nerd was hosting the blog tour for the sequel :D The book was for free so I went ahead and got it :D The author is awesome ;) Cannot wait to find out all about this! 

-Origins: The Fire by Debra Driza [Mila 2.0 #0.5]
After reading Rachel's review of Mila 2.0 I HAD to get at least the prequel novella, which I think is for free? Can't remember... But since she LOVED Mila 2.0 I can only hope to start falling in love right away with this novella so I can get warmed up for the book!!!

-The Torn Wing by Kiki Hamilton [The Faerie Ring #2]
I got this while it was either free or really cheap on kindle X_X I own the first book and now that I have the sequel, even if it is in eBook format, I can try and read it... That is, whenever I can unpack all my books... Believe it or not... after 4 months living here I still haven't been able to unpack any of my books because my shelves aren't ready T_T

-Waking Up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly

-Witch Born by Amber Argyle [Witch Song #2]
I get to read the first and this one back to back now!! Yay!!!

Yay!! That's it for me!! Wow... These past months were eBooks months for me now that I look at this post.

What new books are stalking YOUR shelves this week?

Friday, March 22, 2013

-BookPics Is Curious- I'm still alive! A Confession & Pictures


After not posting for quite some time I remembered that I HAD to have posted here to let you guys know that I was going away for a few days...

But I didn't and now it's too late for that post BUT I have the best solution!

And that is...

But first,
My confession...

You see, I'm a really really shy person, I mean it, it's more of a condition than an adjective to describe myself plus I'm completely terrified of all new things... Specially if it involves me going out there in the world and doing this said new thing... Anything that comes to mind that you've never had in your life before and want to try? Well I would second guess and then third and fourth guess myself all the time before actually committing to try this "NEW" thing... And then I'd just give up on doing it...

Imagine living like that...

So yeap... I "know" it is some kind of condition but ummmm I've learned to somewhat live with it... And that is NOT a good thing nor is it a good way to live... Always terrified of the future but being even more terrified to do something about it.

It's getting kind of personal here, but well... Since I have nowhere else to vent what better place to do so than here with all you guys?!!

Continuing lol... As I was saying, I'm terrified... I always get palpitations... my heart beating a million miles a second when I know I'm about to do something new or go somewhere new... I get sweaty palms, my stomach burns... LITERALLY... and I get all kinds of things. It is AWFUL and I really don't wish it on anyone...

It also happened whenever I even "thought" I was the center of attention... And the sick part is, it is all related, I'm shy because I'm a really insecure person and because of that insecurity I almost always believe the worst things will happen whenever I'm involved, and if I try to do something new in a new place I almost always believe people are staring at me and eating me alive with their eyes, dissecting every single flaw I have... I don't like attention and I'm not used to people complimenting me. Not at all. I'm used to criticism, I'm used to being looked down upon... <- or however it is written.

I'm used to all things negative, I expect them, I've grown accustomed to them, they're not new, I'm not scared of them... But people being nice? Well THAT is a shocker! Always...

Lets just say... It got to a point where I was taken to the doctor... [Taken, because I was somewhat still considered little... I had just turned 18] Not the body is sick type... But the other one... The one people is ashamed to admit they've ever visited... But since it was a long time ago and I remember her telling me to try and write down about it whenever I was ready... Hecks, I'm doing it now... So yeap... I went to therapy for all of 3 sessions... 3... And then... I stopped, I even was terrified of that one first meeting with the doctor... Got all my "normal to me" reactions to going there...
She kind of helped, but didn't... Though she gave me a LOT to think about...

She did tell me the name of the thing I was suffering from though that too... Has been long forgotten along with a lot of the things I said that first day I went...

I didn't use to be like this... At all... And that is a story that will definitely be told -maybe lol- some other time... But know this, I really really wasn't like this.

My point? You know me, well, most of you anyway... And you know how incredibly international I am lol to author events... So I'm always saying how one day I'm going to make it to the US -because it's the closest place to go to attend an author event and because most of the people I know are there- and meet my BookAngels or favorite authors or favorite bloggers... And I mean it... I KNOW I'll make it... I KNOW.

The problem? actually getting all my papers to travel... Just THINKING about everything that I have to do makes me start feeling sick... Then I start visualizing all the possible scenarios that can come to play when say, I go request a 'tourist visa' and start playing in my mind over and over everything that can go wrong... All that finishes with me talking myself out of even trying to go to the US so I end up getting frustrated and angry at myself for being such a coward.

Then I'd come here, see all those lovely pictures of readers accomplishing a dream of theirs by meeting an author or simply a picture of all those pretty bookstores that most of you have close to you... And I'll get encouraged again to go and I'll plan... And the "process" starts all over again with me ending up the same way... Frustrated and angry and sad... It's a never ending cycle...

I know I said I was going to post some pictures and I so am... But let me get the story out :)

So, last month... My dad had to go buy some plane tickets for him and my sister (long story) because they were traveling to South America... And he bought a ticket for himself so he could stay a while in Panama after returning from his trip with my sister...

Long story short? He got a ticket for me....

-insert me screaming inside-

Ticket, plane ticket... GET IT?! A freaking plane ticket for me to go to Panama???
Want the punch line, oh guys there definitely is a punch line... I'd be going ALONE... ALL FREAKING ALONE!!!!! And I'd be staying there ALONE in a new country with no freaking person in sight whom I knew even the name of... O_O For an entire day...

Suffice it to say... My stomach almost ate himself out the very same minute after my dad told me the news... Then I proceeded to panic... My heart almost beat himself out of my body while my brain tried to formulate a perfectly reasonable excuse as to why my dad's 'tactic' for curing me of my abrasion of new things -in this case the process of going from one country to another via airplane- was the WORST.IDEA.EVER.THOUGHT.

Of course, none of the things I said were even half valid,

"Dad, the business, you cannot truly believe I'll be able to handle it all by myself while you're away with my sis then actually leave it all alone when I go away too..."

"Please, you know I'm TERRIFIED of going and trying new things... I don't even know where the freaking entrance to the airport is..."

"I can't even..."

"Dad, please... Just... Don't do this... It's not normal for a father to force her daughter into doing something she's terrified of... Specially if she's of age..."

"Mom, please try to reason with dad... He's being special right now..."

"I lost my passport..."

"I'm not feeling well, I don't think I'll make it for the trip..."

Oh, the excuses were endless and my dad had a perfectly reasonable reply to them... They ALL made sense and I ended up looking even more of a freak...


Off goes my dad with my sis 2 weeks ago...
And I was left alone and somewhat calm for a week or so... THEN...


Saturday March 16th of 2013 came...
The time was 12:00 pm...
I went to pick my uncle up so he could take me to the airport...

I only allowed myself ONE second of feeling sick and the center of attention when I evacuated the vehicle and entered the airport...

What did you know?! I KNEW the entrance of the airport!!!

What can I say???

People are actually PEOPLE in airports... The person sitting next to me on the waiting room gate thingy was actually a normal woman and not someone who wanted to kill me with her stare...

The person sitting next to me in the plane was kind of cute...

I got 2 seats for myself in the plane...

I arrived in Panama a bit late but safe and sound...


You have NO idea how much I loved my dad afterwards but you also have no idea how much I hated him just before entering the airport while still in my country...

Apparently my dad's ways worked, this time. And now I've fallen head-over-heels with planes, flying, and new countries...

I know I'm not cured, not by a long shot... And I know there's still a lot of fears for me to overcome to start trying out new things everyday... But for now... I'm happy with this, for some small, for me HUGE victory that I've made...

And as an awesome author once said... I'm going to be scared BUT not frozen...

Thanks dad for doing this, that while completely terrifying, it was also a learning experience... And while I didn't actually went for fun... (I worked 3 out of the 4 days I was in Panama) I still enjoyed every single second of it.

So here I am... Telling you that if you suffer from this 'condition' as well, you're definitely NOT alone. And you can overcome things... Just do it one tiny step at a time, or whatever step suits you the best. Don't force it, maybe if someone forces you it'll help just like how the route my dad took helped me, but sometimes it won't... Don't fret just yet.

And I'm always here if you want to talk -write- to someone about it.

I'm not telling you this so you can feel sorry for me, I came to terms with what I have a while ago... It wasn't easy... It still isn't easy but at least I'm not ignorant of what I suffer...

Nor am I telling you this so you'll treat me differently...

I'm also not telling this so I can grab attention, if you read carefully my post you'll see that's the LAST thing in my mind if it is in it at all...


I'm writing this because there are people out there with this condition, sickness, illness, call it whatever you want. And they don't know it, they think they are REALLY sick, as in maybe they think they have a heart illness or they're going crazy... But you're not.

And you shouldn't be ashamed. Nor should you be ashamed of seeking out help.

I'm still the same Alba... Though now, you know a bit more about me :D


Books helped me, still help... A lot. Also taking pictures... And believe it or not... English. But to each its own... You can find a way to deal with it too... Maybe it isn't reading or maybe it is... Try it :D You might be surprised.

***End of Update

And now... long overdue...

Pretty pictures from my trip.

-PLEASE DON'T STEAL MY PICTURES! And if you want to use them, give the due credit or link back here.-

Leaving my tiny country :D

You know I'm addicted to clouds by now... :D


Panama City.

El Canal de Panamá.

First time EVER I've been to the Atlantic Ocean lol!

Back home :D
It got all icy and crusty :D

[As full Alba-mode I obviously had to get sick one day before my trip and now I might have to have surgery in the next couple of days... So OF COURSE I'm most likely going to be recovering during Spring Break! AWESOME ¬_¬ ]

So... I don't think I'm curious today... Because I won't ask you about... well things like this one... But if you ever want to share :D Don't forget I'm here. Really.