Yet ANOTHER Fiktshun Post -Happy 3rd Blogoversary!-

You would think I'd have learned my lesson by now.

I should have stopped stalking her such a long time ago, nope, not stop following her but just simply and plainly stop stalking her. I still think that there will come a time when she'll come outright and tell me to please (because she's really polite and everything) stop with the stalking, the long comments, the random tweets, the out-of-the-blue tags on Facebook... And.So.On...
She'd be gracious about it but she'd still tell me to just stop it.

I'm still waiting for that day to come.

And I've tried you guys! I've tried a LOT to stop stalking her as much as I do but I simply can't.
If you don't believe me, let me show you some evidence...

Exhibit 1
When she turned her first year! I wrote this post.

Exhibit 2
When she made me cry like I had lost a limb or something I think I even made a video!

Exhibit 3
When I stumbled upon her book touring site I wrote down this post.

Exhibit 4
When I saw she had started the awesome touring site I decided to celebrate her awesomeness with a week full of Fiktshun here, there and everywhere!

Exhibit 5
When I celebrated my first blogoversary I finally gave in and going against all my instincts to NOT bother a famous blogger I asked her if she'd be willing to answer some interview Q's!!!

Guys. Really. This is so not healthy :(
But whatever...

Now she's gone and reached the 3 year mark on blogging!!!

Yes!! You read that right! Fiktshun turned 3 years old this past Saturday!! And I'm ashamed to admit I thought it was going to be Sunday and not Saturday. I had been waiting to see her post but then when I checked my email I saw that I had already missed it and that I wasn't going to be the first one to comment there and wish her a happy blogoversary as I had planned. MONTHS in advance...

Anyway, she's freaking 3!!! And I'm so incredibly happy to still remain one of her constant followers!

I've watched her blog go through all these phases, I saw how she tried to change her reviewing ways, saw and experienced new features she started on her blog, saw time and time again how she changed Fiktshun's appearance, got to sign up to a book touring site she started with another amazing blogger, danced of happiness whenever I saw she started a new blog of hers, cried when she posted some reviews that made me want to strangle her because she made me want to read the book so bad... Those reviews should be illegal (or should come with a painkiller :D) Please please don't get me started with her generosity because, well, just don't.

And... I saw more good than bad, I saw that she went through some rough times but she still came back with her head held high (metaphorically speaking) even though she started to be less social on the internet. And I missed her. And I completely (maybe) ignored the fact that she was not going to be online as much...

AND AND AND!!! Then came the time when she put a Team BookPics button on her blog T______________T
I think that day killed me and I've been a zombie ever since X_X Seriously, there's no other way to describe the level of happiness I reached that day.

My point is. She's 3, she's still around, she's gone and become not only a really stablished book blogger but also an official published author!!

And I've been lucky enough to witness everything she has been willing to share with us all!

Congrats congrats congrats Rachel! aka Fiktshun!

You've been amazing to me at all times. You've been an inspiration not only to me but to a LOT of people, I should know. You've remained classy when the dog poop was hitting the fans all around. You've simply remained yourself and that's more than a lot of other bloggers can say for themselves!

Here's for last year and for the new one!!

Remember to always smile ;) So then you can always blog happy ;) Happy :D Happy! =)

Here are some ways via which you can stalk her ;)

Fiktshun (Main Blog)

Alba <<33 #1FiktshunStalker


  1. Alba, thank you so much for this amazing post and being such a huge supporter of me and my blog. It's readers and bloggers like you that make this community amazing. Of course you're totally unique and wonderful and I adore you. :)

    While we've both been taken away by real life stuffs, I always love when I see your bookish posts on Facebook in my timeline and could not imagine blogging if you weren't around.

    Thank you for being a blog stalker :) I always, always, always love your comments. And contrary to what you say, above, I will never get tired of you.

    *hugs* Rachel


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