Wednesday, January 29, 2014

-Middle Of The Week Reads- #2

¡¡¡Middle Of The Week Reads!!!

It's wednesday!
Which means you're either overly excited because the week is halfway through... or you're completely depressed because you feel like the weekend is never going to come.

Either way I hope you're reading something and this wednesday what's currently keeping me up at night is,

This is my second attempt to read this book. The first time I had to put it down without even finishing the first page because I had to read one book for review and I never went back to it again.
Today I plan to start it and FINISH it since I just read the description and it sounds like a story I would enjoy.

Let's hope for the best!

What are you guys reading this Wednesday?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

-Review- Picture Perfect by Alessandra Thomas

Goodreads Shortie:
... When Cat faces her fears and bares it all for the class, she realizes that she's posing naked in front the most gorgeous, buffest guy she's ever seen in her life. He asks her out after the class, and after one steamy night together, Cat's absolutely smitten ...

Amazon (It's FREE on Kindle!)

My Thoughts

(Recommend this book for readers 17+)
This was my first 2014 read and while it didn't exactly blew my socks off it definitely left an impression.

Being a big girl myself I gotta say it's normal for me NOT to find big-sized girls in the books I enjoy reading but now and then I find the rare book that features a girl like that and in this case the girl is the main character and the whole story/book revolves around her and her size/weight.

I'm being honest here when I say I really liked the author's writing BUT didn't like that main character's voice that much.

Picture Perfect is about not only love but the struggles a lot of us big girls go through (even though I don't think a size 12 is a BIG girl but there you go) to try and be at ease with how our bodies look and how society always seems inclined to look down on us.

Add to that the fact that she (Cat, the female leading lady) didn't use to be like this, she used to be a model, a desired girl, a pretty girl (seeing pretty as thin.) You know, the usual stereotype kind of thing. It's no news that she's having a hard time adjusting to her new body and injury.

Oh, I didn't mention that, she's big now because she was left injured after a minor accident and due to that she'll probably never going to be thin again.

All this is kind of what the story is about, revolving around her weight and practically only that.

"Remember, Cat. Try to find enough bravery to make yourself feel powerful..."

I was okay with that, I was okay with her liking a boy and thinking he would never give her the time of the day because of her "big-ness." I was even okay with what her therapist tells her to do and all the advice she gives her, specially the one about her worth not being tied to a guy liking her and only feeling good when with said guy.

Talking about the guy, Woah Nate, I think he was a really cute addition to the story. Not that special, just your overall typical good guy with a slightly dark past but as I said, a cute addition nonetheless.

Anyhow. I would recommend this book to someone who likes quick, fast-paced reads with a little of love and sexy thrown in between pain and self-esteem problems :D

My one big trouble with the book? The neediness Cat shows throughout the whole reading. I've only ever read (DNF'ed that book actually) one other book about a girl like that before and it wasn't a great experience, about a girl showing herself way too needy for my comfort. She didn't seem able to control herself while around Nate, appearing to have a one-way track kind of mind, thinking only and ONLY of sleeping with him every single time he so much as appears in her peripheral vision.
And one other tiny little thing... possessive much Nate? Didn't let her wear stilettos? Really Cat?

My weaknesses?

The tittle goes perfectly well with the story, both of them are studying with some art subjects in their careers, she takes pictures ;) he draws.
And the cover while steamy and might make you think it's a more adult kind of book really reflects a lot of the love scenes that happen in the book.

I give this book,

4= OhMyCloud!

One of my most favorite passages.

"Okay. Emotional eating, we can deal with. Later. But now, I want to tackle the idea that your value as a person is wrapped up in your body. It's not your body you want to get back, though. It's how you felt when you were in that body."

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

-Middle Of The Week Reads- #1

¡¡¡Middle Of The Week Reads!!!

It's wednesday!
Which means you're either overly excited because the week is halfway through... or you're completely depressed because you feel like the weekend is never going to come.

Either way I hope you're reading something and this wednesday what's currently keeping me up at night is,

First up,

Unteachable by Leah Raeder

This is a really good and great New Adult, ever since I read Easy by Tammara Webber I was doomed to love all things NA and when I saw a sale for this one and all the mixed reviews it had gotten I instantly pinned for it. Cue my BookAngel Elena buying it for me.

But even though it had been sitting on my kindle for a month I finally decided to pick it up at the beginning of the year.

Wow doesn't even begin to cover all the feels and gasps this book has inspired in me.

I'm thoroughly enjoying it and since I'm almost done I have zero clue as to what the ending might be, yes, I'm loving it THAT much.

(really really recommend this book for 18+ readers)

Up next is,

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

This is a reread, my second time reading this baby.
Out of the 4 books my favorites have got to be Hush, Hush & Crescendo.

There's just something about heartbreak mixed with fallen angels, archangels, guardian angels, nephilim and Vee that make up the PERFECT book for me.

I cry, I laugh and I pin for the brooding bad guy.

This series is one of the few ones I discovered/started reading BEFORE I became a blogger.

-sigh- I missed Patch *_* And there's no other sidekick as Vee, NONE!

So there you have it, my middle of the week reads.

What are you guys reading this Wednesday?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

-BookPics Is Curious- What's Happened To Me, To Us?

Wow, I suck.

I haven't been posting as I would like to, I haven't been reviewing. AT ALL. I haven't been looking for galleys as I used to, I haven't been entering book giveaways, I haven't been visiting my favorite book blogs.

I, simply put, haven't done anything on the blogosphere lately, better said, since last August.
Sure I've been posting here and there but seriously, it wasn't something I completely put myself into, the only book review I last remember really wanting to write was the one for Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi because it completely blew my heart away.

I was amazing and up until now I really need to find that place again, the one in which I couldn't stop stalking my favorite bloggers, the time I stalked my favorite authors whether they paid me attention or not, the time when book bloggers formed this community and everyone was nice with everyone and all the drama and ugly didn't happen.

I want all that back, I want to blog again, show you how, even with all the things I've stopped doing the one thing I haven't given up on is reading, that's the only thing that's been a constant since December.

But a lot of stuff has been going on in RL lately too, take for instance, a third part of me now is living in Switzerland because my sister just went there at the beginning of the year and she'll be there for 2 whole years. We're close, like veins and blood close. So you can only imagine what it feels like, never mind that I'm 23 and she's 21 and we've been living together since birth.

Then there's some papers here and there I'm now working on, I feel a little off balance and lost without her here since she was the one who was always going with me to all these things. Also, I seriously seriously WANT, wait, NEED to get my USA VISA because there's NO WAY I'm waiting another year to visit, no matter where I go as long as I set foot on USA legally and via airplane. I NEED to go to signing! I NEED to meet at least one author ONE FREAKING AUTHOR! And if it's Maggie Stiefvater or Tahereh Mafi I'll probably die really far away from home but WHO CARES! I sure as hell don't.

Then I want to continue studying because, I really know what I want now even though it's taken me longer than I would've liked, it's never too late to start fresh even if I'm going to be the one old soul in there...

So I've been all over and nowhere at the same time, my mind still needs to catch up to the fact that my sister isn't here, I need to remember that I'm getting old and I feel like I haven't lived. I need to remember that blogging was all about having fun and meeting new people who related to me because of my love for books, I need to remember that I love my blogger friends, my bookish friends and all my followers because there's nothing better than FangirlsUnited, I really really need to remember that I'm God's daughter; therefore I deserve everything good life has in store for me, I need to remember that I'm strong even more so when I'm weak. I need to remember that books were a scape but never something to keep me from living. I need to remember that I love english and that nothing and I mean NOTHING has to come in between my dream of wanting to write/teach english.

I need to remember to smile! Smile, Be Happy, Be Thankful... I had forgotten all about that but I sure as hell won't be forgetting anytime soon.

Books, here I come.
Blogger friends, beware of my comments.
Authors, hope to meet at least ONE of you this year. (Maybe BEA?)
Bookish friends, sorry for bothering you so much with my fangirling moments.
BookAngels, you're a blessing.
God, sorry I forgot I'm nothing without you. Thank you for EVERYTHING and sorry for EVERYTHING.

Everyone, let us become bookish again! Wherever you are I hope you're smiling, whichever book you're reading I hope you're enjoying it, whoever you're meeting today for the first time I hope you're having a great time, whatever book site you're visiting I hope your credit card suffers a bit because Evertrue came out today and I'm drooling all over the place to get it, Seriously.

No matter what, don't let what happened to me happen to you.
Be thankful! All the time, isn't the tree over there so nice you want to hug it? Isn't that book cover so gorgeous you want to smell it and pet it and everything? Isn't your favorite author coming someplace near you?! Go try to meet her/him!

Live life people!! Live it and Love it! Everything happens for a reason and remember that God will never put you through hardships He knows you'll never overcome.

I'm starting today, what about you? When Will YOU start to read, love, read, blog, comment, tweet, Facebook, stalk, fangirl... Again as you used to?

So yeah, the last half of 2013 sucked for me but I won't let that happen this 2014.
This is what happened to me and little of what's happened to some bloggers...
What about you? Are you still doing the same things as before? Do you still enjoy blogging? Do you still enjoy reading? Are you still afraid? Will you let that feeling of self-doubt rule you?

What will you change this 2014 that you wish you had last year?



*Te haré entender, y te enseñaré el camino en que debes andar;
Sobre ti fijaré mis ojos.* Salmo 32.8

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

-Book Blast, Spotlight + Giveaway- Destined For Love by Melissa Foster


You met Rex Braden in Lovers at Heart, Book One of the The Bradens (Love in Bloom Series). Jade Johnson is about to turn his comfortable rancher's life upside down. Don't miss this powerful love story.

DESTINED FOR LOVE is a hot contemporary romance with alpha male heroes and sexy, empowered women. They're flawed, funny, passionate, and very relatable for readers who enjoy adult romance, contemporary romance, and women's fiction.

Rex Braden is wealthy, hard working, and fiercely loyal. Sweat at his brow, he works the family ranch by day, then kicks back at night with part time lovers who require nothing more than his physical presence a few times each week. But that was before. Before Jade Johnson, the daughter of the man his father has been feuding with for over forty years, moves back into town.

After ditching a horrific relationship—and her veterinary practice in the process—Jade Johnson returns to the safety of her small hometown and finally finds her footing. That is...until her horse is injured and Rex Braden comes to her rescue. The last thing she needs is a bull-headed, too-handsome-for-his-own-good Braden complicating her life.

Despite the angry family history, sparks fly between Rex and Jade, and attitudes follow. Fifteen years of stifled, forbidden love stirs a surge of passion too strong for either to deny—and the rebel in each of them rears its powerful head. Loyalties are tested, and relationships are strained. Rex and Jade are about to find out if true love really can conquer all.

Watch for the full LOVE IN BLOOM series:


Sisters in Love
Sisters in Bloom
Sisters in White


Lovers at Heart
Destined for Love
Friendship on Fire
Sea of Love
Bursting with Love
Hearts at Play


Melissa Foster is the award-winning author of four International bestselling novels. Her books have been recommended by USA Today’s book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the Women’s Nest, a social and support community for women, the World Literary Café. When she’s not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on Fostering Success. Melissa is also a community builder for the Alliance for Independent Authors. She has been published in Calgary’s Child Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Women Business Owners magazine.

Melissa hosts an annual Aspiring Authors contest for children and has painted and donated several murals to The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC. Melissa lives in Maryland with her family.

Visit Melissa on The Women’s Nest, Fostering Success, or World Lit Cafe. Join Melissa and the YaYa Writer Girls at their annual in-person event. Melissa enjoys discussing her books with book clubs and reader groups, and welcomes an invitation to your event.

-Giveaway not sponsored by BookPics
-MUST be 13+ to enter
-US Only

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

-Blog Tour Stop, Excerpt + Giveaway- Crashing Into You by B.D. Rowe

Crashing Into You by B.D. Rowe 
Publication date: October 3rd 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Bookish college sophomore Sydney Baker wants Evan Taylor with every ounce of her being. The hottest stud on campus, Evan is six foot four, ripped, stacked with muscles. He’s even easy to talk to.

There’s just one problem: he’s her roommate Melanie’s boyfriend.

But when Melanie tragically dies after a night of wild partying, Sydney and Evan turn to each other in a time of intense grief. And it doesn’t take long for their close friendship to blossom into something more.

Unfortunately for Sydney, secrets from the past soon put her relationship with Evan to the test. Especially when a sexy blonde freshman makes her way into Evan’s life, and tries to rip away everything Sydney holds close to her heart.

Get it!


James pushed himself against me and slammed my back against the door. I gripped his belt with my left hand, and his ass with my right.
“Is your car unlocked?” I asked.
He set his hands against my hips, and kissed the bottom of my neck. “Yeah. What are you waiting for?”
I reached for the door handle. Pressed my fingers against three different places.
“You need some help?” he asked, with a chuckle.
“No, no. I got it.”
My fingers touched what I thought was the handle. I tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge.
James kissed the edge of my shoulder, and took a step back. “Uhh, Sydney. That’s the gas tank.”
I finally turned my head. I brought my hand to my mouth and laughed out loud. “Oh, oops.”
“I think someone's had one too many tonight,” he said, with an exaggerated raise of his eyebrow.
“Shut up. I didn't have that much.” And it was true. I’d only had mixed drinks. Four, maybe five. I had a slight headache, but nothing to ruin the night over.
“Good,” James said. “I wouldn’t want to take advantage.”
I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer, deeper. I kissed his peppermint lips, then dipped my tongue into his mouth, for one tantalizing second.
I smiled, and pushed my forehead against his. “But I want you to.”
My fingers found the door handle, no problems this time. I pulled it open, and dropped down against the back seat of his Jeep Wrangler.
He was on top of me before I had a chance to catch my breath. My hands found his chest and the soft tuft of hair right below his belly button. He tried to look suave as he took off his shirt—but his right arm got stuck, and he almost fell off the seat.
I laughed. “Now who’s the one who had too much to drink?”
“I didn’t… I’m fine.”
Fine, my ass. I wasn’t stupid. I saw him taking shots of that silver tequila like it was ice water.
He pulled the shirt over his head, with way too much difficulty, and threw it on the passenger seat. He ducked down and ran his tongue along my neck, all the way up to my right earlobe. It was so warm and comforting. I didn't want him to stop.
When he came up for air, I scooted out from under him and switched places. I sat on his chest, reached back, and grabbed hold of his belt.
“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked, with a knowing grin.
I leaned down and whispered into his ear, “Anything I fucking want.”
I pulled the belt right off, no hiccups, no struggles. I dangled it above his face, and dropped it to the floor.
Was this supposed to feel daring? James and I had made love before, but never in a car, never out in the open. I thought I might keep darting my eyes toward the windows, or feel my heart trying to beat its way out of my chest. Instead, as James brought his hands to my hips, a wave of relaxation washed over me, like no harm could ever come to us, to what we had together.
I reached back and pulled his zipper down. He sat up, moved his hands up to my hair. He stopped, only for a second, and looked into my eyes.
“I love you, Sydney.”
“I love you, too,” I said.
He took off my shirt and kissed me on the mouth, hard, for a full minute. He brushed his lips against my cheeks, and my chin, then ran his tongue down to my breasts.
I leaned my head back, stared up at the ceiling. “Oh God,” I said. “James...”
“Does that feel good?”
“Oh God, it feels amazing... it feels so—”
Knock knock.
On the window.

About The Author

B.D. Rowe is a Sacramento native with a penchant for crafting tales of romance, mystery, and intrigue. You can often find B.D. at the local coffee shop drinking white chocolate mochas and writing into the wee hours of the night. This is B.D.'s first New Adult novel. 

Reach author B.D. Rowe here;

-Tons of winners!!!
-5 signed pb copies (US-CAN) 
-10 eBooks (international)
-Giveaway not sponsored by BookPics

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

-Belated- Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I wish you all a bookish filled 2014
Tons of Blessings



Happy moments.

Be brave, risk it all, love with all your heart and read like there's no tomorrow :D