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-review- Ashfall by Mike Mullin

 --I found myself yawning and sleepy only a few hours later. There was no point in fighting it-the nightmares that haunted my dreams would beat the waking nightmare my life had become-so I let myself drift back to sleep--

About the book HERE

Mike Mullin= Genious!
It's one of the most amazing reads of this year and one you simply cannot miss!

There's no cake before the hit, no preamble as to what you'll witness-not see- but seriously witness in the next sentence. So obviously by the time I was on chapter 3...let's just say that hyperventilation is an understatement.
The World as we know it ceased to exist that friday.
Alex thought it'll be one of his greatest weekends since he finally won an argument with his mom, he'll stay in the house when his parents along with his sister Rebecca went on a trip.
Making a promise to himself after the events on that friday, Alex goes on a journey that any other day would've taken 2 hours but now it didn't even seem lik…

IMMB #4 the OMG Maggie Stiefvater edition!

IMMB is hosted by The Story Siren so make sure to check her blog out! She rocks!
~Sorry if it's too dark, for rambling too much I can't help myself, yes that isn't a nice backround but what can I do? AND sorry I know I misread the name of the FB page from wich I won The Scorpio Races ARC~

-all booklinks take you directly to goodreads- *Bloodlines by Richelle Mead(Paperback) *Forever by Maggie Stiefvater(Hardback) You can go to Ellen's blog by clicking HERE
*The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater(SIGNED ARC) OMG! I am completely sorry that I said the name wrong~blushes~ it's Love~YA~Lit YA NOT JA! sorry so very very sorry for not saying the name correct!
What did you get in your mail box this week?

Top 100 YA List

First things first...I'm not even going to try to link to the original post though I have to tell you I stole/stalked/read the idea that, I know wasn't originally from them but still, I found them there and not anywhere else...
Lady Reader's Book Stuff (from wich I'm a new follower)
Fiktshun Ramblings (one you may know is 1/2 of my stalking favorite places)
both of them got me hooked and jaw dropping while going through the list of the TOP 100 YA BOOKS and wich of those the'd read...

So, I decided...why not...I might even surprise know, I'm new to reading YA in english since I read mostly in spanish AND not YA. And thanks to Twilight, Hush, Hush, and The Body Finder, wich where the only ones capable enough to get me into reading all over again after 2 years of abscence, I am here now posting this ;)
Anyways, here's the list and the ones that I HAVE READ are going to be in GREEN LETTERS. That settled here it goes! And wish me luck ;)

Top 100 YA List

Giveaway WINNER!!!

Okay! so has spoken AND the winner of the 2 ebooks (Insight and Embody) by Jamie Magee is

I've sent your email, so your book should be arriving soon! Remember all those who entered are still running to win the 2 books on paperback format AND an e-ARC of her third book Image, good luck!

~review~ My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent

“Anger is great. It's powerful, when you need something to hold you up. Something to steel your spine. But in the dark, when you're alone with the truth, anger can't survive. The only thing that can live in the dark with you is fear.” 

Because I know the release of the 5th book ~If I Die~ is coming I decided to share with you my review on the previous book... My Soul to Steal... 4 on the Soul Screamers series...
Kaylee...I really don't know if I should slap her or kiss her...
but I fully understand her...on the fact involving Nash...(her maybe-ex-or-not boyfriend)
when someone crushes all the trust you have for her/him specially the one who's had your back more counts that you can possibly remember...and love so much it really is a pain...

how can you forgive and trust that person again??
beeing Nash the one that did that to Kaylee must've sucked for her...
bringing Sabine in the picture...ok!!NOT COOL!!
I didn't like her since I start reading about her in…


I'm so deeply and profoundly sorry that I haven't posted a review for 2 weeks now...
I mean...punch me...I deserve it...
I've been struggling to write reviews for these past weeks...and haven't been able to come up with the same reviews I love to bear with me... I'm currently re-reading the Soul Screamers...wich I won't be reviewing...(I've reviewed book #4 only) but will be reviewing A Beautiful Dark for you guys to know if it'll be a good purchase as well as If I Die(soul screamers book #5) when I get it! 
So fromt he bottom of my reading bookpics heart I ask your forgiveness...and also remind you not to miss the giveaway...just scroll down 2 posts and comment on it! Simple or click--> giveaway!
until my next to be soon posted review!


IMMB#3 the I-don't-like-how-I-sound&look edition I'm sick :(

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-This is what I got this week...and yeap, NO BOOKS~sinks to the floor and cries~

Thanks to Rachel from Fiktshun I LOVE YOU! and be sure to check out Leah Clifford's  Mortal Portal she has great stuff there! What did YOU get in your mail boxes?

-Little Book Cover REVEAL tour & GIVEAWAY with Jamie Magee!-

easy peasy... remember I was participating on a traveling book? well the book was Insight by Insight Jamie Magee !!!
IMAGE is the tittle of book 3 on her series and we're doing a cover reveal meaning PIECE BY PIECE...LITTLE BY LITTLE through several'll have to stop at each page for you to finaly see the awesomeness of the book cover! so Bookpics was chosen first and here we are!

This is the little piece I can reveal to you today--->
See it? Tiny tiny with an I and part of an M right?
Remember the tittle of the book is IMAGE ;)

Now on to the giveaway!

Jamie is giving away an ebook copy of her book 1 & 2 on her Insight series and at the end of the little tour a printed copy of both PLUS an e-ARC to a lucky winner! Isn't that cool?

All you have to do is:
-Like Jamie's book/author page
-Comment on this picture-POST
and an Extra Entry 
-If you have already read book 1 or 2 and writen a review leave a comment here with …

IMMB # 1&2 the 2 video edtion!

Ok... first and second time doing a IMMB video!! AND! since this is a baby-new-born blog go easy on me :)
I'll post the video from last week since I only shared it over at the facebook page and blog on Tumblr but you'll get to see it here :)

IMMB was created and is hosted by The Story Siren, basically share everything book related NEW you get that week or month or day ^-^ she rocks you should check her blog out if you still haven't 

OK...first is THIS WEEK'S IMMB VIDEO!!(Another Birthday present arrives)

Lost Voices by Sarah Porter The Sight by M.D. Christie Los Casos de Sherlock Holmes, Memorias y Aventuras Thanks so much Elena you rock! Ella's blog-
M.D. Christie's facebook author page-
and LAST WEEK'S IMMB VIDEO (birthday&mom's edition)

Passion by Lauren Kate Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton THANKS NAT!! Immortal Obssession by Denise K.Rago Wicked Lovely by Melissa M…

Honoring the description of the blog!

Image, I was reading and checking the blog and found out that even though it says "photography try outs" I've never ONCE! uploaded or shared anything of mine over here! so I'll just choose some random pictures and post them here... hope to continue doing it more often!

If you're wondering what this candy being boiled to later become all sorts of sugar, sweets, and more from Sugar Cane or CA√ĎA as we know it here in spanish :D

 Grams Garden
This last one taken while reading Cassie's book WHILE the lights were out meaning we didn't have any electricity but DON'T PANICK! I had candles to help with that!So that's it for pictures of mine taken at random places :D remember I'm no profesional nor anything... um but I do enjoy taking pictures wherever I go! :D

~review~ The Girl Next Door by Selene Castrovilla

~”Death can never rob us of the love we give away”~

If that first quote there doesn’t strike to your heart and doesn’t even twitch your heart then nothing ever will… Grace girl! again can’t thank you enough for encouraging me to read this book. And just so you know… this is the second book of Selene I read AND a signed one so…yeap I’m in heaven allright! I read earlier in another book how someone thought how it was so much better to feel angry, anger, resentment,etc. Instead of sadness and pain. Well I agreed while reading that other book…but yet again Selene managed to strike right through all my shields and barriers and went to the heart and soul. Samantha isn’t just another YA character out there… is a girl that can be very well any of ous out here in the real world with the real problems and the real tears beeing shed for real best friends that are slipping through our fingers and taken away from us by any kind of sikness… this book right here… is real, raw, sad, and cruel. Nevertheless…