Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~Oooooh! books you have a new home!~

My mom and dad decided to surprise me a couple of nights ago and brought me a shelf for my long suffered books that were always stacked on boxes but NO MORE! I love it even though it's not from wood and that BUT it's almost full so I know I'll be getting another one once we move out of this house... hopefully hopefully that'll be sooner rather than later :D
Everything started out great... one cube at a time and stuff, as you can see in the pic we managed(WE meaning my sisters and I)to make the first cube perfectly nice and fast but after that everything went downhill hahaha it was fun don't worry.

So, of course I had to take out every printed book I owned and clean and order them... CHAOS!

After seeing this I couldn't believe I had this much books I drived myself crazy with happiness!

I tried, and failed, to count them :D

I arranged them

And re-arrange them tons of times to take pictures haha I couldn't stop staring at them.... haha sooo proud of my tiny but lovely and LOVED book collection!

at the end my sister did success on counting them but don't ask me to remember I just know I did more jumping and screaming and maybe even some freaking out in between when she told me the # but just ask her hehe I seriously cannot remember!

After staring at them past the limit that would be considered normal, I think even my books felt stalked by me.  I managed to "help" (meaning broke a pice while my little sister broke another) and get the thing done...We(meaning my sisters, dad, and me) had to rebuild the whole thing! argh we had it done the wrong way the first time!
As a result of our effort, ~believe me it was hard to stop stalking my books and not drool over them every time I passed them~ we FINISHED!

And this is how it looked in my room, yeap I have to share my room with my little 12yo sister, here's the pic! haha

Sweet victory, my hands, feet, fingers, everything hurt haha but FINALLY my books have a better place to rest and be envied since most of my family critize me for my reading I know deep down they wish they had this awesomeness inside their rooms. Well, SORRY but those~sighs, stares~ sorry... where was I? oh yeap...
those books are perfectly content being where they are now!

End of my Rambling! hehe

Sunday, August 21, 2011

~review~ Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

~...Fighting is easy. It's WHY we fight that matters...~

I soooooooo thank my god in heaven that I read the series when all the books were out AND when there's a spinoff coming out just around the corner...

I can't even begin to tell you what a great series this is...and even though I don't like how some endings were a bit I won't complain because of Bloodlines and the next books to come...
Rose Hathaway has earned my complete respect for her, her personality, choices, craziness, and her utter ability to put those she loves the most first and before her.

I won't give you the complete detail list of all the amazing characters that Richelle introduced us to, and made us fall in love with...there are WAAAY TOO MANY though I still have my favorites...say, like, Mason, Abe, Christian, Jill, Sydney, a certain Romanian family...and soooo much more...
the characters that took my breath away weren't only the MAIN characters...and for an author to be able to draw that much attention as well as developing so wonderful characters really make me respect her even more.

I won't lie to you...when I started reading this book I had sooo many expectations...but by reading a bit into it I started to feel anxious and with really little patient, then AGAIN my lovely BookPic-ers came to the rescue and told me to keep on going because the book was so totally worth it and OF COURSE I listened to them and guys WHAT A BOOK!
Not just action packed, heartbreakingly sad, so close to reality but also too far from it, and filled with love but also completely filled with amazing twists and turns(though I could easily guess the outcomes) I never trully knew HOW they'd be fullfilled and become true.

Rose again proves to be completely crazy and loyal in a way that's really beyond my imagination and comprehension...overpassing people and feelings for the sake of saving the person that matters to her the most...she is again...thrown to the lions but this time not just lions are awating but more dangerous and sinister creatures that plan to devour not only her but Lissa and all her friends too.
Fighting Strigoi and launching into battle mode won't be enough this time around...she'll have to fight with more than her body...she needs her mind, soul, heart along with it too.
Dimitri isn't himself, Adrian is trying to change, Lissa has already changed, Christian loves adorlingly, Sydney is WOW, Jill's life is turned up-side-down, Victor isn't as strong, the undead become alive once again, and Rose is, well, Rose.

With an ending that left me asking for more, and characters that are waaay to good to be true.
Last Sacrifice, even though it isn't a book that did it for me, as an ending to a series...too many questions left unanswered, is a book that has it all and one you really don't want to miss.

Sorry if it seems that I'm babbling but I wanted to make this review freshly, just after putting the book out and while my feelings for it were still burning HOT. And couldn't get much into detail because almost every page of the book is spoilery so...there you go...
a very very very well deserved


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~Review~ Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

~ "Rose, I cheat at cards and buy liquor for minors. But I would never, ever force you into something you don't want..." ~ 
This is a book that kept me on edge since the beginning and might be the one where we FINALLY see the true nature of our heroine Rose


-What's with me and loooving the underdogs of books lately?
-Spirit ROCKS!
-Irritated soo many times because of a certain couple who proved to be extremely proud to admit their mistakes!
-Impressed by how selfish and self sentered this girl is...WOW I hated HER soooooo many times is not even funny... I trully was disappointed I didn't think that someone could be that reckless and take advantage of the love that people have for her.


This book shows you just how far someone is willing to go and sacrifice for love, forget the consequences, people who cares about you, even death...all of that is completely ignored when your heart is set and decided to love and save someone....

Answer me, How many times has Logic defeated Love?
Few, right? almost NEVER!

Now dissasters are about to unravel and it may seem that our little dhampir, Adrian, Eddie(YEAH!), Queens, Guardians, and everyone have reached the line. So, will they cross it and accept what comes? or will they see reason and stop the craziness that's just about to happen?



~Tiny Review~ Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

~"You forgot my first lesson: Don't hesitate."~ 

Far away from home, having chosen love for friendship...if in Shadow Kiss I said Rose was strong in this book she's completely the opposite. We finally see her crack under that strong facade of hers.

Now she meeets blond/tattoo/formal Sydney, discovering a whole new side of the vampire world she didn't know.

Looking for someone to keep a promise and at the same time being chased by some unknown person, AND watching how she's loosing her best friend and possibly her home...can prove to be challenging.

Awesome new characters that takes us deeper into spirit element and its uses and others that prove to be kind of scary...

Will she be able to accomplish her goal before getting killed?
Will she give up life as she knows it, feeling she no longer has a place to go, and let some special one AWAKEN her?

With an ending that took my breath away...


~Tiny Review~ Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

~ "We can't..." he told me.
"I know," I agreed.
Then his mouth was on mine again... ~

3rd book!

I'm sad and hate to tell you I almost gave up on this book, almost. The start for me was sooooooooo slow I really had to drag my eyes while reading again, almost, the first 100 pages and believe me that is NOT good for me!Until finally, finally! BOOM!!! things I didn't expect started happpening and well, there really isn't much more to say than after that I couldn't put it down.

Rose Hathaway seems to prove once again how strong a character she is, not just physically but emotionally as well.
In the mean time, new powers are discovered, lust is unleashed(at last), new loves arrive, threats to destroy morois as well as dhampirs over at the school appear, and the promises of better and possible futures are just THIS CLOSE TO BELIEVE.
With graduation just around the corner, tragedy strikes at St.Vladimir's and this time maybe not even Rose and her friends will stnd a chance against the forces that come against them.


(MASON 100%)


~review~ Supernaturally by Kiersten White

~"I don't think Miss Lynn'll let you be sick again. She hates you," she said.
"I know"
"No, she, like, REALLY hates you."
"No, I, like, really know. Trust me."~

What an amazing beginning to a really bleeping awesome book!
The very first chapter drew me completely in. With amazing Evie and her supper dupper of a boyfriend(want to know who he is? read the books guys!)


The characters again delivered.
The really cuteness and strong character of Evie, even though real, was a bit shadowed by her constant change of moods, she was never entirely happy nor sad, let alone angry...she was always a ball of constant changing feelings.
Lend~swoons~ yu have no idea how much I love Lend, his character did buy me as much in this book as it did on Paranormalcy. He was completely everything I asked for and much, muc more.
The bad news though, are tht he doesn't take much of the stage in the story/plot of this book. I felt he was always on the sidelines wich really didn't do it for me.

Old and new characters, Viv, Raquel, Daniel, Fehl, Reth(dreamy sighOMG!) oh dear Reth you are one hell of a faery/ex. Wouldn't change that character for anything, and of course you have brandly new Jack whose dimples are sure to buy you since the start. His perky personality plus shirtless-ness(at a certain moment) gave the book a really refreshing feeling.

I agree, Kiersten delivers another great book, wich, even though I liked, didn't obssess over as I did with the first book.
After Evie gets that she 'thought' she wanted...she starts missing bits and pieces of the place she once called home.
Now with high school, boyfriend away on college, a regular~diner~job, and the most important of them all A LOCKER OF HER OWN COMPLETE WITH COMBINATION AND ALL! she starts to miss the paranormal that once was a daily part of her life. Don't get me wrong there are enough paranormals in her life right now...but she isn't out there as she used to be...fighting and defending...instead lovely Taser is safely stuffed somewhere not being used and pink in all her glory!
But really? even though I laughed almost all the time with the get to see a part of Evie that we might see within ourselves when we 'think' we have or are where we always wanted to...that wich we thought would make our lifes complete...just for the late realization that we were right and good just where we were.
She's feeling lonely...more than normal...and not her fashionista of a vampire roommate nor her awasomeness of a ~yum...aww~ boyfriend seem to be able to help her.
Lies, insecurities, betrayals, Reth, elemental paranormals, love, home, school, Georgetown, smiles, tears, emptiness, and more is what you'll be getting when reading this book.
For you to be yourself, avoid lying as much as possible, and don't trust just any pretty/crazy face that steps out of the wall from an invisible door.

(oh, and again awesome names! from Lend~I love it~ to Melinthros and Neamh ooooh! just wait and read!)

And because I couldn't help myself! this book was full of soo many good quotes you can't even imagine!

~With a heavy sigh I sat down next to him, wrapping my arms around my knees in a pathetic attempt to ward off the chill. It felt like the blisters on my feet had coupled off and started forming little blister families. Tonight sucked.~

Rachel! I can't ever thank you enough for this book! You are a completely bleeping beautiful person and I'll be forever in debt with you T-T


Thursday, August 4, 2011

~Review-Thoughts~ Between the Lines by Tammara Webber

~If I met you last night, and brought you back to my place, or followed you to yours, and we had sex, that's what we asked for from each other. It's what I got, and what you got. I don't know you. You don't know me. Thanks for playing, and we're done. If by some fluke anything was said at some point during this entire exchange that made me curious enough to see you again, I would.
Has that happened before? A couple of times. Did it last? Clearly, no.~

Sorry that the starting quote was a bit long...but it really was one of my favorites...
May we all applaud to Tammara Webber and her beautiful piece of art that she delievered on publishing such an amazing book?!

I think this is one of a few series of books in wich I love exactly ALL THE CHARACTERS...even the ones that are supposed to be either, the mean guy or girl, Emma, Reid, Graham, Brooke, Tadd and oh so many more...
A book that's set on the set, lol, of a movie in progress...where the hot guy is obviously a celebrity and the girl is becoming one...

The complete insight that this book has on the lifes and hearts, minds and lines, that happens while making a script come to life...leaves you wanting more than just to read between the lines...

-Everybody has secrets...every single one of us, there isn't anybody that doesn't have one...either bad or not...
-We all have our own wild side in us...just waiting for the call to come up and take the stage of our lifes.
-We all always get to see the final result, and even some "behind the scenes", but this book takes you exactly to the core of it all.
-Gives a whole new pov of Pride & Prejudice
-Love can struck you either if you want it or not.
-Never give up on your matter the circumstances...really...e​ven if your life wasn't all unicorns and rainbows...or cars and trucks back wouldn't be where you are exactly right now if it weren't for them...
-Don't take your true friends for granted...listen as much as you like to be listened.
-You can't go on in life just reading in between the lines...always come straight forward with what you say, want, or think; if not you might loose more than you had before.

With twists and turns that I really didn't see coming at all...
A beautiful book that had me grabbing the monitor of my computer either from madness or sheer happiness...sitting on the edge of my seat because of the mistery of Graham...or the craziness of Reid, or from the mess in Emma's either love or hate the book.
But all in all
What this book really A WINNER! 

thanks Rachel(from FIKTSHUN) if it weren't for you I wouldn't have read this!
now excited for the next one!
Now I won't ever see a movie with the same eyes again...ever!


~Review~ Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

~ Slowly, he reached out and held a lock of my hair, twisting it around one finger thoughtfully. I froze...~

Well, hello there vampire book friend!
Wow, this book wasn't what I expected at all. Richelle did manage to surprise me!

This book starts out right with action, continues with action, and ends with action. I'm really sorry I didn't read it earlier.

I loved how all the characters no matter who, played a really important role on the developement of the story. Wich just earned Richelle some really good extra points.

On with my rambling thoughts...

Apart from the awesomeness of Rose, we have, of course, all the...let's say cool names; from Moroi to Dhampir and so on...

Rose, I loved. She's such an amazing and fresh character. I've never read of a girl such as her, NEVER. Maybe guys protecting the girl of their dreams. But Rose is so different and had me immediately immersed on the story. Completely exceeded my expectations of her.
Lissa! I couldn't even pronounce her complete first name! Still, it was really chilling that I got to identify with her at some level. She's got something that draws you to her you really can't help it.
And ok, the moment you've all been waiting for!
My Dimitri comment. I'm sad to tell you that, even though I loved his character, roll, and part he took on the book, and well...the OBVIOUS... I'm currently crushing on an entirely different person!! yeap you guessed it! Mason!!!OMG!!~sighs~
So, let's just sum it up...
Vampires, academies, guardians, magic, power, earth, water, fire, air, spirit, friendships, loyalties, crushes, hotness, long dark hair, russian accents, training, stupidities(cute ones), more training, whether wearing your hair up or down, sickness, ambition, and so much more...ARE the things that wait for you when you finally decide to read this book!

Now excited to move on to the second book!!!


~Review~ Tiger's Curse

~He then put both hands on the door on either side of my head and leaned in close, pinning me against it. I trembled like a downy rabbit caught in the clutches of a wolf. The wolf came closer. He bent his head and began nuzzling my cheek. The problem was…I wanted the wolf to devour me.~

Even though I loved the book, sometimes I felt that the author didn't want to leave anything out from it and tried to squeeze into the book as much information as possible. I often found myself confused and overwhelmed with all the in-between stories, theories, legends, info, beliefs, gods, goddesses, and tiny little details she put on whenever she could.
Kells, sometimes...really just sometimes acted too immature for her age...but still is not just bad stuff.

I loved the change of setting the author chose for her book, the back story of Kells, isn't what I expected.

And even if the story did develop kind of slowly...I liked the last third of the book just right...(haven't been able to completely finish it... and I don't want to force myself to read it just because...I really want to enjoy the end! so bear with me)

All in all, a fresh different story, slow but good. That might have too many backround for me to enjoy...but still nice characters...and I might pick up the sequel to it! who knows? maybe I'll enjoy it waay more! :D

On a really side...side...siiiiiide note, I'd take a massage from a Tiger turned Man ANY DAY!! specially from our guy Ren here!!

If you enjoy indian history and geography...Tigers, really hot men,the warm weather, tons of history, and girls that can hold their own just fine. This is the book you are looking for!

3.5/5(don't let the rating keep you from picking it up)