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-COVER REVEAL- Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent

It's been so long since I did one of these, but this time I couldn't help myself. It's Rachel Vincent and the Soul Screamers after all!
I present you
Before I Wake (Book #6 in the Soul Screamers series) *-if you click the image it'll take you to it's goodreads description-*
I know Rachel isn't too fond of the color Pink but let me tell you..this cover kicks *behinds*  I love it! I still am surprised they have kept on going with the girl in the cover...~sighs~ all the covers of her books are so pretty >.<
Why the GREEN color you ask? Because the previous books' cover ROCKED BIG time too and I still haven't gotten over it! I can just imagine how they will all look together on my shelves *-* can't wait! What do you Think of the cover beautiful people???

-review- Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

-I'm an encyclopedia with too many blank pages.-
As I had the opportunity to tell the author endless times, I take this moment to tell you guys too! This BOOK is WOW + a million awesomeness patched up together perfectly.
My mind and heart haven't had enough time to get over this book and I don't want them to.
Plot The plot is simple...someone promising you a better future, you believing it and then...that promise never sees the light of fulfill-ness. The writing style, the love that pours from every single word, the hurt from Juliette's thoughts, the hope from Adam, the eagerness of Warner, the loyalty of James, and the hope of a better future combined with Tahereh's talent made for a piece of art that I'd love to have hanging from a wall in my room, forever. Almost forgot to mention that part-not all-of the tittle is mentioned several times in the book, you know how I just have a thing for books that can pull, having their tittles well into the story, off and this on…

-review- Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

-"This ends here..."-
Oh I wish that quote right there were true :/ but I'm so happy it isn't! For a book that was supposed to be the last one in trilogy it was so mean =( Thank God Becca's doing another one. I've still got so many questions that I'd love to have answers many many more...well, everything.
Plot/Story Once again we find Patch doing whatever it takes to keep Nora safe. It was a slow paced, well developed plot. I'm glad we get to know a bit more about angels, archangels, nephilim, feathers, necklaces, and much more.

Thoughts & Characters Just when I thought everything would be discovered the story turned yet in another way. .Vee! oh favorite woman of mine! Most of you know that aside from hotness/Patch my favorite BFF, sidekick, or whatever you want to call, character, is Vee. And I so wish she had had more part and more of that awesomeness and spike-y-ness that's soooo her. So, THAT, I missed...a lot. Another good thin…

IMM#12 Merry EARLY Christmas to ME&YOU

IMM is hosted by The Story Siren I looove love her blog! So you really should check it out!
Oh, God. After 3 weeks IMM-less I'm finally here with that times' worth of books, believe me. I have to warn you the vlog is a little longer than my usual 15 minutes you've been warned. But I'd be so completely happy if you could get to watch it all...because I'm more than excited for all these books I got >.<

Nat Cleary, there are simply too many tears at bay there...but hope you get how much I thank you for the christmas presents and the surprise book too! Author A.Jacob Sweeny for the impromptu christmas present believe me it was a complete surprise! and Rachel fromFIKTSHUNas I told Tahereh I haven't been the same person since I finished reading Shatter Me and that was and is and will always be thanks to you T-T so thank you!
The ebooks I got are more than the ones I mentioned on the video T-T see? I was too excited and literally forgot to mention them so I…

-review- Daughter of Smoke & Bone

-With the infinite patience of one who has learned to live broken, he awaited her return.-

Laini Taylor! What an amazing talent and gift you have.

Karou is a character I'll be forever grateful I met. She's incredibly awesome with her strong persona and the blue hair which, in my opinion, is the coolest thing EVER.
Akiva, where do I even start?
I don't know how or when I just know that my heart goes to him. He made the word ANGEL take on a whole new meaning and made me want to fly.
Every single character, I assure you, You'll love!
The whole book wouldn't be this awesome and one of the best I've read this year, and simply PERFECT if it wasn't full of ugly beasts. strange angels, and a whole lot of wishes.

I won't say a single thing about the plot. You know me it's all about the teasing and knowing how the book made me feel.
And yes it's set on...Prague :D you'll love it! It's beautiful and full of color and light and da…

-review/thoughts- Dark Song by Gail Giles

First of all I just wanted to let you know that this book I read a LONG time ago this year...and I didn't even have a bookpics page or blog or tumblr or anything for that matter So you might get to see all the rough and raw edges this review/thought has because I just wrote it soon after finishing reading the book...I wasn't good at expressing much of my feelings back then...But I do love this book and hope you get to love it too sometime!
I might be reading this again soon just because ;) and maybe then I'll write a review worth of the book:D

~Mom and dad, you're about to find out how much betrayal hurts.~

OK...this is OFFICIALLY the one that will mark me this whole 2011

-Characters- Ames...I started identifying with her character A LOT...not that my life came tumbling down like in a second like hers...but she feels...all along the book...took me by surprise and left me breathless since the beginning of the book.

~...I gasped, and a tear leaked out from my l…

I had to share...

So, you all followers of mine know or at least have to know a bit of my love for Beth Ravis author of Across The Universe and A Million Suns, yes I'm a silent stalker of hers...and I'm in love with her first book(because I haven't read the second one) and after I won, definitely marking me forever, one of her giveaways...there was no turning back!

I mean how could I not freak out if she sent a SIGNED PB copy of AtU and really cool swag?! So now here we are again...her being always awesome when doing a giveaway AND now I think...she completely has lost it with the prizes!

So take a look at it!!!

And for every entry she'll donate to charity(up until 1000)! SEE?! I told you she was awesome! 
So go there enter and I wish you the best of luck! I really hope to get ANY no matter...(though I'd die for a copy of AMS) what because that's just how great all the stuff she's giving away is...
What are you still doing here?!

New on the BookPics TBR-List #7

I'm here with more and more books added to the never ending BookPics TBR-List!! So, let's just get started!

AND ALL THE BOOKS IN 'The Seer' series

And, Last,because the post is really too long now but not least 

-review- Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

-His hair was carefully styled to look like he'd just rolled out of bed. Too bad he didn't have my hair's texture. My hair did that without any styling at all.-
I won this book a while ago, a PB copy but decided to give it to my sister because she's absolutely traumatized and a crazy woman for all things VA and then BOOM the local book store surprised me when I saw this on their shelves..a shiny awesome HC copy (I'm a stinker for HC), so I bought it and now I have a copy of my own!
Okay, I know that after this all Demitri lovers will hate me but I just have I'll be adding some iron bars to protect my room along with some mines and stuff like that...just simple >.< but... I'm going with all the things I felt while reading the book, all the caught breaths, all the tears, all the smiles, and well everything that the book awoke in me and...I really love this book WAAAAY more than all the VA ones put together...maybe not ALL of them but certainly this…

-review- Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey

- Something wrenched itself in my stomach. Someone finally cared about me, and I didn't deserve it. -

Before I try to make this short and brief I have to ask forgiveness T-T I read this in October!!! OCTOBER and not until now I'm writing the of course I had to go and skim the book again to be refreshed by it's completely DIFFERENT AMAZING AND SIMPLY GENIUS content!
I admit I thought I was going to be biased because Fiktshun liked it but THANK GOD I found my very own reason to love it 1. Scott Tracey's complete new concept of witch, of pov's and of, really, drama! 2. I'm in love with a guy who a) Is completely fictional(who of us isn't) b) Is or roots or goes or whatever you want to call it, for the other team T-T WHY oh WHY and c) the COVER of the book is awesome!

I'm in love with a guy whose eyes have a power I never even thought could be thought upon ;)
Braden his persona is completely likeable and sweet and shy and well he's s…

New on the BookPics TBR-List #6

Here I am once again adding up to my never ending TBR list :P and hopefully I'll keep it that way forever and ever and ever and...well you get it!

By clicking on the images you'll be directed to their goodreads page ;)

That's it---yeap not so much listed right? But I seriously would never end if I keep going so this is it for this week ;)  And yeap THIS ARE ALL 2012 release books! Anything new on your TBR list?


IMM is hosted by The Story Siren I looove love her blog! So you really should check it out!
OMG!!!!!! Guys!! This WEEK!! This WEEK!!! T-T ~I'm forever grateful thankful and humbled with all the people I've met!~ Believe me and if you still don't please be sure to take a look at my Thanksgiving Letter T-T it might be clearer then!
-sorry, I won't be listing what I got. I made the post in a hurry this time T-T forgive me pleaseeeee!-

What did YOU get in your mail boxes???

Letter: Wish Of Thanksgiving

To all whom I mention and forgot to mention here:
As many of you may know and if you didn't I'm not from the US or any other country that celebrates Thanksgivng...and for me? That literally stinks : / I wish we would  celebrate it here now more than ever, because this year has been soooo different for me, I've met so many people, introduced myself to so many books, talked to so many authors, and even though life with my family isn't perfect...who said it would? So I was thinking first on doing a vlog saying all this that I'm writing right now but then I remember just how much of a cry baby I am and decided against it, later I thought about not doing it at all...I mean is not like I have tons of people who would come here and read-at least-this post so, in the end I thought, Oh, well why not? I least I get it off my system without you seeing me cry.
So I'd like to say thank you to or for the following.
1.Life!!!!!! People, seriously? What'd we do without…