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-guest review- Touch by Jus Accardo

Hi beautiful people! 
Today we have the lovely Christy on the blog reviewing none other than Jus Accardo's Touch book :D
Welcome to BookPics Christy!
Now I leave you to the review ^_^ 


Woo-sh. Just finished reading Jus' "Touch". It's one of the books that I read during the study leave of my Advanced Levels to keep me sane from all the stress and frustration.
    Before I actually got the book, I had spend months looking for a bookshop that could place an order on this book for me. No success until January. Then I had waited for a month before the book arrived, and unfortunately for me, the period of no leisure reading kicked in already. But then, I still crumpled to my desire anyway.
    Okay. Time for the book.
    I. JUST. LOVED. IT. The characters, the plot, the language--everything. The plot develops and progresses in a very quick manner. Jus never wastes any breath on unnecessary descriptions or thoughts, making the story extremely fast-paced and an absolute page-turner. So much happens in the course of 251 pages, which I am very grateful for. The rich plot makes it impossible to put down (I mean, I put it down loads of time because I was suppose to be revising, but then I just picked it up again). This isn't the first YA book on supernatural powers (all sorts of them) that I have read across the years, and likewise for an evil father experimenting on his child (que TMI, fandom) and an organization taking over the world. So, what makes this story special? The answer is, the characters.
    Dez is a rebel. Probably the most rebellious YA heroine that I have ever come across. Rules don't apply to her and she is a very spur-of-the-moment person who lives in now. And even better, she is a bad-ass. I mean, come on, who wouldn't fall in love with a character that surprises you all the time? She is fun. She is resourseful. She is kind of irrational but loyal. Isn't she the ideal best girlfriend that every girl wants? But then, to be her BFF you would probably have to be those things too. What she has gone through is what makes her such a unique and strong person. Having no mother to raise her and a father who treats her as if she is some sort of criminal--come on, she has to be strong, because no one would stand up for her. She is on her own. That's why I can't help feeling protective of her, and admiring her at the same time.
    Kale--the hottie that everyone is talking about. He is actually one of the reasons that I wanted to read the book so badly. Most YA novels are for girls (there are books for boys. But then the proportion, y'all know), and hotness is a must for any YA heroes. Trust me, Kale SO has that. YA heroes are, most of the time, perfect to an unimaginable level. Guys that doesn't exist in the real world precisely exist in books, for a reason actually. I am not saying you can find someone like Kale in reality (call me if you can, please). What I wanna say is Kale is not perfect. In a sense, he sees the world in a way too innocent light. Not that he is naive. But his innocence draws readers to what we all miss, sometimes simply because it's complicated. His not knowing about the real world also spices up the story, with jokes and laughters, not to mention those extra-juicy and hot make-out scenes. His not knowing about the real world makes the maternity instinct of us girls kick in.Naturally, we feel very protective of him. Kale is not perfect. Perfect doesn't exist in the real world. See what I am driving at? Jus manages to keep a sense of reality when she's creating Kale, making him more real. Likewise with Dez who screws up quite often. This touch of reality allows Jus' characters to be more relatable, more lovable, and the story more amazing.
    Plot-wise, the Reaper surprise is a really good one, though I guess the Brandt one way ahead of Dez. I am really looking forward to the rest of the trilogy and the novellas since I have absolutely no clue as to how Dez and Kale, together with the other Sixes can fight against Denezan. I mean, it's like an international corporation or something. One more thing, Sixes. Just adore this term. So cute and unique.
    Before I go to bed (I am laying on my bed, typing this up, and waiting to post this online after my exams are over), just wanna say that the book has the nicest cover I have ever seen. Totally adore that texture of the material used (please continue using that, Jus ;), and of course, the model lol
    Can't wait for the rest of the trilogy! x
    Hmm ... this is the first time I guest-review on books. I usually review books on my goodreads page and post links on twitter. And months ago, Alba offered me a chance to do this, which I can't thank her enough. :) Just wanna say that this experience is fun, and I really look forward to doing this again. Review or guest post! Until next time. X

Thanks for the awesome review girl! Now you really have me pinning for this book! ^_^ Hope you had fun over here, until next time.

You can check out Christy's Goodreads page.
And also follow her on twitter@rmoex.

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Stacking The Shelves #1 The Book BOXES Edition

Stacking The Shelves is hosted by  Tynga's Reviews. Where you can post all the books that you're adding to your shelves each week.

Hi my beautiful people!
Most of you know that this week was a sad one and tense one for our community and well, I don't plan to dwell or tell you what to do but after reading some posts and evidence and stuff I've decided to stop doing IMM for the time being. You can read a really clarifying post HERE. I made a comment there and that's all I'm saying here.

I love sharing my love for the new books that'll be filling my shelves so why not do it with this feature :D
If you think you'd enjoy it more if I call it Book Haul tell me and I'll make that one instead hehehehe.
VLOG people! After who knows how long! Finally I'm again with my stuttering and rambling and nervousness!
Forgive all my clumsiness I had forgotten how nervous/excited I get while showing you guys what I got!

Here's what will be stacking my shelves this week

-But I Love Him by Amanda Grace
Thank you so much Stacey! @Sassy Book Lovers and congrats again!
-Living Dead In Dallas by Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #2)
Blaming Rachel :D
-Haunted By Your Touch by Jeaniene Frost,Shayla Black,Sharie Kohler
Yey! Kat! We rock!
-Fallen In Love by Lauren Kate (Fallen #3.5) 
Insert me gasping for breath
-The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks
-The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King
OH CLOUD! See? My very first books of these 2 authors! 
Tiffany Tinney Thank you so very much!!
-Smiles proudly- @Fiktshun Finally I'll read the King though I have no idea what this book is about!
But take a look at the pictures below so you get to see all the books that Tiffany sent me. ^__^ 
-Blood Born by Jamie Manning swag
Thank you so very much Jamie! T______T You simply rock! 
This was a complete and utter shock! I didn't know what you wanted my address for when you asked for it but thank you!!!
~I was linking to goodreads but something went wrong when I wanted to link Lauren's book so I started to link to amazon instead.~

-click the images for larger view-
 I won't even try to link you to all the books. I didn't know most of them but Tiffany Tinney  author of Ascending Into Euphoria You have 0 idea of what this means to me, I was over the moon, I had never in my life received so many books at the same time in freaking boxes T_T I felt all special. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I mean every thank you in there. I know I gave you a heart attack when you saw how tiny one of the bookstores here was and thanks so much for offering me some of your own books! You surprised the cloud out of me! So from the bottom of my bookpics heart! Thank you thank you!!! I'll never stop the thanks nor I'll ever forget this! 
I even have my very first collectible dolls from THG!!! How awesome!!! And also thanks for the bunny-whose name is Dash-and the bookmarks!
Now I don't have any space left in my shelves-officially.-

Thanks for stopping by.

What books will be stalking YOUR shelves this week?

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My Reading Pile #10 Oh Cloud! The Divergent Edition

My Reading Pile #10 

My reading pile is an idea created by Fiktshun in which you share what your reads for the week are or well the wishful reads-rereads-rerereads and well you get the hint. Check her blog out you know, I've self-declared myself her #1 Stalker/Follower.

MRP progress & status:
Wow! Again, I'm completely proud of myself!! Finally! hehehehe I managed to read The Immortal rules by Julie Kagawa just in time for the release day and you can check my review --here-- and also read and shared my reaction/review<-lol on The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney --here-- And guys I've finished-after almost 2 months-The BDB An Insider's Guide, I'm not reviewing that one though... Those 3 books have kept my mind completely flying, gasping, crying, chocking, laughing, smiling, rooting, sighing and every other verb you can add to it.
-this is where things get heavy-
I have FINALLY after a LONG wait to read it and even a LONGER wait to buy it-I think it's been only 1 month in my shelves-I've FINALLY FINALLY read...

~insert me throwing a party for all you guys~
Can you believe it? I've read it and after that I skimmed it and then I just had to go and take a third look at my favorite passages.
I don't think I'll be able to review this book...I hated a lot but I also loved a lot...So my feelings are all mixed up.
Fiktshun you were right. About everything.

Netgalley Pile Adds:
I was rejected for all the Random House books I had requested. And as I was saying earlier on another blog's comment, this is the first time I don't feel sad because I was feeling kind of desperate with the few books I've already been approved for. So we're okay hehehe, for now.

This Week I'll Be Reading:

-But I Love Him by Amanda Grace
Oh Clouds! I won this over @Sassy Book Lovers FBpage and Stacey!! Thank you so MUCH! I've been dying to read this book and finally thanks to you I will!!! I've already started it!

-Die For Me by Amy Plum
Book 2 is coming out and everyone is talking nonstop about this one so of COURSE I gave in and will finally pick it up after reading But I Love Him. Nat, thanks-again&again&again for the book I'll FINALLY start it and see if I can get a liking for Paris...So, I'm excited!!!!!!

That's it for me! >.<

On a side Note
I know I didn't do an IMM post last week and I thought I'd just do a 2 week worth of books post today. But...after everything that happened I just really don't feel comfortable supporting that anymore. So I'll skip the post this week. But I promise that either by monday or next saturday I'll have a new way to showcase what books I've gotten weekly hehehe I cannot stop doing that, I love seeing what people gets and I love showing my love for books to bare with me okay? This was a really sad decision to make but I had to go with what I believe in and know is right. 

What are YOU guys reading this week?

Cover Obsession #2

Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz
-link takes you to goodreads description-
Seriously? What's NOT to obsess about?
I love how it relates so very very much to the description Hannah gave on her blog post when she released this cover, which is the same as the one goodreads has right now.
But I'm obsessing over this book cover of hers even book because I have never read anything by her, EVER. And all I've ever heard about her books are amazing and good things so you can obviously know why I'm desperate for this one and all her other ones as well.
Have you read anything by Hannah?
Do you recommend?
Any covers you're currently obsessing over?

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-reaction/review- The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney

-But I refuse to go there tonight. I am breaking with the past. I am reclaiming my present.-

I don't know how you did it...but I'm completely speechless and dumbfounded therefore I have NO idea what to write in this review...
Your book was too raw too good too difficult too special to my heart, first because you gave it to me...YOU GAVE IT TO ME OUT OF YOUR OWN HEART T_________T
And second because...I cannot believe this...I thought...Okay...I'll be okay, things like this happen all the time...but then I read the authors note and thought...How in the WORLD? What? Why? How could she write about this...
I think Alex is strong, I think she's the perfect example of what a girl would act like and think like if what happened to her ever happened to her...<--- Does that make sense?

I cried, not in the ending...but in between. When she felt guilty, when she felt cheated, when she felt SHE had let herself down, when the thing she loved the most was what brought her the most pain, when she doubted things she shouldn't be doubting.
I felt claustrophobic in a way I never thought I would, because I KNEW those walls wouldn't close up on me, I new she was wrong in thinking that it was her fault in the first place-Now this sounds like a letter to Daisy but, the heck? hehehe is my "review".

-I lean against the blackboard and kiss him harder, draw his body closer to mine, his jeans against mine, his belt loops against mine. He's mine and I want him and I'm not letting him go.-

I love how the topic of the book came right out, no sweet-coating it not mumbling was what it was, it exists, it happened to Alex, it can happen to any other person in any other school, high school, university, college, take your pick.

Oh, and the writing-But first let me just say I LOVE the tittle for each chapter!-...I felt like when I felt while reading If I Stay by Gayle Forman...I can't believe that such an awful thing could be written so beautifully. I love Daisy's writing, it's so different and had me going back a lot of times, just for the sheer pleasure of rereading a dark but beautiful passage, whether Alex was remembering or Maia was debating or Martin was being so crush-worthy or when Amy was being Amy or when Martin appeared again and talked about barn owls...I LOVED every second of the time it took me to read this book and although I had to put it down for a long time thanks to my review books, I'm so happy I could FINALLY come back and finish the masterpiece that this book is...

-And then I'm somewhere else. My brain goes someplace else, it wanders off because it doesn't want to be here...-

Daisy...if I could even describe what you've done to my heart with this book I don't think I would have rambled all I did as you see. So I'll just thank you from the bottom of my heart and take my hat off.

I give it BookPics special rating 10/5

10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know I was capable of.

Side note 
Special thanks to Daisy Whitney. Thank you so much for not getting mad at me after how much I bug you and stalk you hehehe and thank you so VERY VERY VERY VERY much for the book!! If it weren't for you I wouldn't be writing this-sort of review-right now. So thank you! For...everything.

Another Side Note
Daisy will be part of my blogoversary week! Coming soon!!! And I managed to ask her a few fun questions so her answers will be posted then :D along with mini-little-swag giveaway. ;)

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Bookography #9

Bookography is a post created by Kristina from Kristina's World of Books. Where you can combine both of my very favorite things in the world. Photography & Books ;) So grab a camera and do your thing. You don't have to be a professional or anything like that. Just share your love of books through a picture and that's it ;)
-She usually posts them on wednesdays~ 
So make sure you stop by her blog and share the love!

I went a little romantic today. -SHOCKER- hahaha And decided to share this picture that I shared when I did the post about my country -HERE- but I know not many of you saw. So, I made it a bookography instead and added the quote as always.
Without further ado I present you -drum roll-,
Today's Bookography

-remember, click the image for a larger view-
-Someone picked up the sun and pinned it to the sky again, but every day it hangs a little lower than the day before. It's like a negligent parent who only knows one half of who you are. It never sees how its absence changes people. How different we are in the dark.-
Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

As for the picture, I didn't edit much, just made the colors a little clearer.
Again, you know how I love non-edited nature pictures.
Plus, Shatter Me was one mind blowing book! If you haven't read it-thanks Rachel for that-make sure you do! It's all kinds of AMAZING.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

-review- The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Once again. Julie Kagawa. Thank you.
--First of all! COVER FREAKING LOVE!!!!--
My insides cannot be called a normal name now. I think I've read enough about blood to last me a lifetime, and still I want more.

Julie's new book is full of vampires, bloods, rabids, and less humans than I could have expected. 
In a world that is no longer ruled my mortals. 
-The leading female character, Allison is so full of hatred for the vampires, she loathes them with all her soul and heart and being. She's a survivor full of hatred...and was and am scared of her since I first met her.
-Kanin is one dark, strong sire. He's the first male character I fell in love with. He seemed ruthless and cold but beneath it all if you squint hard enough...I think you'd see traces of life deep within him...just try to squint in the right direction.
-Then comes Zeke or Zee or...his full name...he is...just...too good to be true, and as Allison says, too good to last alive long enough to lay eyes on the thing he believes in the most, but still...he sees the good in everyone and everything, he fights with all his might for what he believes is worth fighting for and hates with all his might what he believes is worth hating. He's been taught to hate vampires, to kill vampires and to never look back...but that might change, sooner than he expects.
-I'm in love with 2 little characters...~sighs~ They're too cute and felt too real, while reading, that I got attached...I gasped and suffered all the while for them and along with them.
-Oh and the bad guys, people! The BAD guys are BAD really really BAD and thirsty for vengeance and power,blood and cries of pain. 
-And also...there's a cure involved...for what? I shall not tell you...find it out by buying and reading this book as soon as you can!

I don't think I can even describe the whole set and plot of the story because they're not the same while the story progresses. The plot changes, feelings change, souls are lost, people get killed, rabids attack, katanas are used, blood is spilled, food is gathered, fires are started, rain pours, bloody tears are shed, and still...the plot changes and don't know where Allison will head next, you don't know if she's running away from something or running into something. And I loved it, I loved crying when she cried, loved smiling when she smiled, loved cheering on her-embarrassingly in public, in real life when I didn't even notice people around me-really loud. She's tough and she's really not your typical teen hero either, she's a monster that doesn't want to be one...
Argh now I'm dying for the next book because apparently, Julie wants us hanging on that last page... believe me when I tell you; You'll WANT and NEED the next one as soon as you finish this one.

The book and story flows smoothly from beginning to end, I just found it a bit slow at one point but then realized that those tiny bits of story also had to be told in order to get the whole picture of what's really going on. I just wished my ARC was a printed one instead of an eGalley hehehe to skip the headaches...

What have I said about the COVER having a MEANING to the story? This one does and I cried when the exact scene that you see on the cover was described in the book. It was amazing. 
Also...what have I said about the TITTLE either being mentioned exactly in the book or really represent what the whole book is about? Argh, Julie Kagawa delivers people...the Immortal DO RULE...and you'll wish with all your might that they didn't.

An amazing new -trilogy, I think it's a trilogy- that delivers.
Will have you hanging on it's every word... wanting to know how to dance and kill at the same time.
And...You'll root while wanting to find peace or even a break to take a deep breath...but you won''s action packed, fang packed, blood packed, and a bit more...

This girl will defy and fight against her own fight the worst demons that have ever existed... 
Her own.

I give this book
5fotitos=~sobs hard~too good to be true!

I know you're wondering...where are all the little teasers Alba always puts in between her reviews?'s hard for me when I'm reading an eGalley to take notes if I can't highlight them or make the notes on the eBook itself...besides...all my favorite teasers and excerpts and passages were spoilery...but FINALLY I found one. 
While I still had to take out a little bit it still makes sense...oh and I melted...I melted and melted... I still feel deliciously warm

-"What are you doing to me?" he whispered...."You make me question everything I've learned, everything I know. Truths I've believed since I was a kid, gone."
He sighed..."What's wrong with me?" he groaned, low and anguished. "I shouldn't be feeling any of this. Not for a..."-

This egalley was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange of my honest review. 

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Bookography #8

Bookography is a post created by Kristina from Kristina's World of Books. Where you can combine both of my very favorite things in the world. Photography & Books ;) So grab a camera and do your thing. You don't have to be a professional or anything like that. Just share your love of books through a picture and that's it ;)
-She usually posts them on wednesdays~ 
So make sure you stop by her blog and share the love!

My picture this week

"If I were a dolphin or a bear or a flower, it wouldn't matter. I would always love you, always remember you..."
The Host by Stephenie Meyer

-As for the picture itself it's a Non edited, simply put my name on it and that's it :D I really am a freak for non-edited-raw pictures and this is no exception-

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-reread thoughts- My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent

This was the first out of all the Soul Screamers books that I reviewed.
And my heart jumped and 'bruised my sternum' as Rachel writes, when SHE HERSELF linked her followers and shared my review. She thought it funny ^_^ which threw me over the moon -again- as if the book wasn't enough. So if you'd like to read my -really raw- review, I wrote it before becoming a blogger, here's the LINK.

Oh this was a sweet read. A piece of heaven. A really nightmarish piece of heaven. But still.
I found myself, more often than not, wondering why in the clouds I hadn't noticed all the hints that Rachel put, all the pieces of bread she threw for us to follow...

I love this book's Kaylee so very much. I love love love her!
Oh Nash~sighs~ Even after ALL I still rooted for you. I believed and shouted and cried out and did all things a book-reader girl could possibly do to cheer on a fictional character.
Em, I LOVE that you take part of this book so much! Your reaction at the end when you were told what happened and all the truths? PRICELESS and still, you are the best friend a person can have. I love everything about you. Simply my favorite character.
Tod, oh dear Reaper of mine. I saw those swirling irises and noticed what a certain other didn't so don't worry...there's more to come for you. But first I have to thank you and hate you ^_^ for making me thank you hehe -does that make sense?- I KNOW that part of what Tod's character said to Kay was for his benefit...I can't and couldn't help but think that way, after all, everything's valid in war&love right? But I think you made her open up to options, options she never even thought existed, but that obviously lead to...~I'm such a teaser~

All the adults, Harmony always being my favorite, I hold them dear to my heart. I have to say yet again how I LOVE Rachel for coming up with the adults *-* and making their characters fit perfectly in the story.

I couldn't write this and leave Avari behind...could I?
I'm more than terrified of him, I can't believe how much he wants Kay and how far he's willing to go to snatch her away from this side of the world. He's so cold -literally- and black ice. And this reread just reinforced my thoughts that he is definitely one of the creepiest and wickedest beings I've ever read of. 
-Hats off for all the troubles and snares and tactics and plans you come up with just to make Kay/Nash's lives even more miserable than they already are.-

Mara, which in my country has a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MEANING, I owe you an apology too, I can't believe how much I HATED you the first time I read about you! So I apologize because, this time I didn't hate you as much. 
The mara, oh you guys, you'll either LOVE or HATE the mara, there really is no other path. But, let me get one thing straight, she'll read your worst and deepest fears and use them against you without a seconds thought. 
At the same time. I have to admit that I like the mara's character WAY more than Sophie's. Sophie still hasn't grown on me and liking better a nightmare than her, wow I never thought that such a sentence could be possible but here I am saying exactly that.

Anyway. I have little things that I'd like to point out in favor of Rachel's writing.
-This seems to be one of the series in which the characters EAT *-* I know a lot others say that they're hungry or stuff like that but I LOVE Kay's addiction to coke and Harmony's to baking and Emma's to junk food.
-They make homework even if they use the 5 minutes left for a tardy bell. Balance school and netherworld ;)

In conclusion;
Suspicious swirling eyes and NOT from the hazel ones we'be become used to.
Nightmares that feed on your fears.
Boyfriends or kind-of boyfriends or used-to-be boyfriends needing something that you cannot give.
Wanting something that apparently you do NOT need.
More suspicious swirling eyes.
Hot older-than-your-mother friends being possessed.
Someone tied to a bed. -Make what you want out of that one-
A full-on Envy attack on East High that seems to be driving everyone crazy, bones are broken, school property is vandalized, cafeterias are trashed.
Gooey black/green acid as hair. 
And finally, the courage that Kaylee has, holding to a strength that she barely has, trying her best to trust what might not be trust-able EVER again, drinking coke, tired to her very bones and still have the energy to care for EVERYONE, nightmare and silly-cousin included.
Envy is a greedy nightmarish thing that cannot be trusted.

This are my reread thoughts and my rating still stands :D
-Remember I'm rereading this series for the SSRC you can still sign up by clicking on the button on the sidebar-

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IMM #23 Awesome-st Sister Award Edition MRP #9

IMM is hosted by The Story Siren I looove love her blog! So you really should check it out!

Wow another week without a vlog...this is getting out of hand hehe. But I haven't had the time alone at home to make one T_T I really like making vlogs. It really showcases at least a 10% of how much I freak out when I get books!
Anyway here's what I got this week


Seriously? How could I NOT show you this? hehehe
My dad sometimes surprises me. That. Is. All.

This is my very first Amazon purchase AND it was a freaking pre-oder! Can you believe it? I never believed there would be a day when I would be receiving in the mail something pre-ordered, I'm over the moon people! I'm so excited that it arrived here safe and sound! Even though I'm currently reading the series this book is for none other than my Sister! Who awarded me with the Awesomest Sister EVER not bad huh? ~sighs~ if I had had a camera to record her reaction when I gave it to her I think you'd freak out on me! It was worth the almost $30 it costed believe me! I wish I had more $$ so I could give away more books and buy more for that matter...but I'm getting there. Enough said.
-Lover Reborn by J. R. Ward -BDB #10 HB-

I think the picture shows all the swag I got
And most of them are SIGNED I was sooo excited...but you know the best part???

This was a gift! Definitely! I don't think there's anything better than THIS! someday I'll print some of my pictures too and send them to you too Kristina!!
It's too gorgeous to be true!

OMG! Another one for the collection! I'm so proud of the *-* 4 cards lol I have from different bloggers!!!!
I don't need to tell you where it was that I won this amazing swag from, just look at the card and I'll let it do it's mojo ;) -oh my sister's finger is in the way but the first word of the link is kristina-

My Reading Pile #9 

My reading pile is an idea created by Fiktshun in which you share what your reads for the week are or well the wishful reads-rereads-rerereads and well you get the hint. Check her blog out you know I'm a devoted stalker, I mean, follower ;)

MRP progress & status:
I'm happy! Yey!! I managed to finish books I said I was going to read!!! YEY for me! I finished My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent and posted my thoughts HERE. And also Ashen Winter by Mike Mullin -fans herself- guys that book...that book is NOT NOT NOT and NOT for the fainthearted, believe me BUT that review will have to wait until before October or sometime nearing it. 
And I'm finally advancing on my reading of the BDB books, that's good now, knowing that I managed to get my hands on the latest book!
On The Pile

My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent -SS #4-
After a traumatic read of the second book, the third one reminded me why I hold this series so close to my heart. I loved my reread of the third book I just couldn't help myself I just HAD to continue on with the flow of the story!
-I'm rereading the whole series for the SSRC hosted by Fiktshun you can still sign up by clicking on the challenge button on my sidebar-

The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa -eGalley-
Really? Do I need to say more? T_T

I might be adding more to the pile but for now this is what I plan on getting read and reviewed :D
Netgalley Pile Adds:
iWell I got rejected for a galley I requested a while ago, but it's all good. I think I have enough books for review for my not-so-good-with-deadlines self besides my BLOGOVERSARY is coming and I'm thinking-with the help of a very very good neighbor-a one week celebration would be great...Any thoughts?? Leave them in the comments!
Well that's all for me but tell me, 

What did YOU guys get in your mail box this week? 
What are YOU guys reading this week?

Did you guys check out my latest post about my mostly unknown country
Click HERE to check it out!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

BookPics is Curious #1 -Meet El Pulgarcito de América-

I often find myself rambling, either on IMM vlogs or in my reviews or comments or well...anything...I always ramble and have the habit of always using -> ... <- the dots! So this will feature QUESTIONS/ANSWERS/RAMBLINGS of ANYTHING I'm curious or YOU BookPic-Ers might be curious about...Really->from books, book covers, photography, authors, to my mostly unknown country or anything in between. I'll ramble or rant or gush while writing this ones I KNOW I will!

BookPics is Curious: Do you know where I live?
This week was back to school for us here in my country.
~For those of you who don't know 'my country' is 'El Salvador'~
My sister is in cooking school, and a new chef has come to teach them some about his country which is none other that "England" T_T ~melts~
Anyway. My sister asked him why had he chosen to come to our country when there are so many others that have cooking schools way better than ours. He said that he didn't even know our country until he and some other friends did some research of American countries and discovered that ours is one of the 'Most Violent Countries in the Whole World' nope, I'm not kidding.
Sad thing? It's so true T_T. There are several sites on the internet that can verify it most of them are in spanish since our native language is that one, still.
*'Seis de los países más violentos del mundo están en Latinoamérica"-2011 ~spanish~
*Here's also a List of countries by intentional homicide rate
But we're getting out of topic here.
Fast facts not researched but found out just from living here.
-We're tiny
-We don't measure in Feet or Miles nor Fahrenheit.
-We don't get snow.
-The beach is a mere half our drive from the capital.
-We call football what you call soccer.
-We support more spanish 'football-soccer' than we do our own.
-We are forever rivals of Mexicans.
-We had a fight over our 'Typical National' food, PUPUSAS, with a neighbor country.
-There are more
-We don't use our original currency anymore, which was 'Colones' but now we use 'US dollars'.
-We like to speak 'spanglish' a lot!
-We -generally speaking- don't like to read.
-We're known for our 'Hospitality' -Oh the irony!-
-We used to have really famous writers -List- <--there are some missing in there.
-We are, maybe, the only country that eats it's own National Flower.
-We like to eat our mangoes, 'twist style' with lemon, salt, hot sauce and 'aiguashte'
-We are OH SO very proud.
And so many things that I know I forgot to list...

I'd like to show you MY country the way MY eyes see it. 
We are all things weird, all things funny and all things tiny...really people. We are TINY not just the country but the people! 
And what better way to do so than by showing you my pictures of us!
They are random and they aren't professional in the least BUT that's how I see my country, from the inside.

So now I present you, El Salvador. Tiny country best known as: 'El Pulgarcito de América.'

Capital...peace after the storm huh?

We are all mountains and valleys...not many flat land here.

House built to save bricks, people live off of making them.

Yes, people do live like that. This is from the tiny town where my dad grew up in.
We love to visit there, all nature and rough work, from sunrise to after sunset. My dad's neighbor still lives there.

Public schools

Life in the country.
Yes that is a house again.

Near the city. 

Communities Near the city

Mountain Trips

We even have our own legends hehe.
This is the "Guirola" Haunted House(I could only find the info in spanish sorry)'s well known in Santa Tecla.

Place near the beach-Costa Del Sol- called "La Puntilla"

One of our best beaches for surfing. "Playa El Tunco" which roughly translated means "The Pig Beach". The name comes from the form of the rocks which look like a pig belly-up.

This is how one graveyard looks on "Día De Los Muertos/Difuntos."

"La Gran Via" mall. (Another spanish-only link.)

View of an electrical storm from "Los Planes de Renderos."

Our famous "Pupusas"

So we are tiny but big.
We might be violent but we're beautiful too...
Places are so close we must call each other neighbors.

I'll leave you with a picture of ONE bookstore though it isn't the one I commonly visit to get my books but a bookstore nonetheless.

Yes people that IS one bookstore...sad :/

Anyways...I think that's enough...if you ever wonder any other thing about my country or I don't know...anything else you'd like me to post about...that you are CURIOUS about...leave a comment or email me or stalk me on any way you can ;)

~All pictures were taken by me feel free to use them as long as you give the respecting credits~